Introduction 7.5 billion (worldometers). By 2100, it is

Introduction In 1950, the world population was 2.5 billion (worldpopulationbalance). In 2017, it was 7.

5 billion (worldometers). By 2100, it is expected to be 11 billion (Ludacer, 2017). These numbers are determined based upon data and statistics from government agencies. The population continues to increase each day. In the United States, the population grows by about 240 people everyday, or 2 million each year (worldpopulationbalance). The number of people born continues to rise, while the death rate is decreasing, causesing more people to live at the same time. Overpopulation affects each person born, because the more people there are, the less resources are available to them.

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While some countries have attempted to slow their population, America has set guidelines and programs that help those with children have more kids, and to decrease the death rate. Due to these, the government is the primary cause of overpopulation in the United States.Child CareHaving children is something most aspire to do at some point in their lives.

Financially, however, some do not have the means to successfully do that. One child in 17 years costs around $One child costs around $233,610 in 17 years (Gajanan), which often leaves families with no way to support their children themselves. 41% of families with children under the age of six receive some form of government aid (Durfee and Meyers, 740). Although this is not the majority, it is still a large percentage of people that rely on the government for help with their children. The most common type of government aid in this aspect is child-care tax benefits (Durfee and Meyers, 740).

These provide low-income families with a way to pay for their children to attend child care services. Because so many parents already receive this, and many others know of it, they are more willing to have kids because they feel as if they will be able to support them with the aid offered by the government the assistance given. Although the aid is to help those who can’t afford the kids they have had, it is often used by people to have even more kids, for there is no reason not to if they do not have to pay for them. The government is providing families with a way to have lots of kids, which increases the population in the US;. Wwith the increase, more people are in competition for jobs. There are only so many positions available, and more will be fighting for them.

This will lead to many people living in poverty, for they will not a job, and not be able to afford a house, car, or three meals a day. Not only will many people in poverty hurt the economy, they will also be awarded welfare, which takes money from average citizens and gives it to the poor. People will buy less, also causing the decrease in the economy. Democrats and Republicans both agree child care should be affordable, however they disagree on how it should occur. Democrats want more federal funding for child care, while Republicans want a tax reduction for all families. Each side agrees that helping low-income families is a good idea, but they are only looking from the perspective of a parent.  By giving aid to those who cannot afford to pay for things themselves, the government is not only causing overpopulation, but allowing the economy to suffer along with it.

Healthy Eating To promote healthy eating, the government has established programs and guidelines to get people to eat better. In 2012, the US Department of Agriculture changed the standards for school breakfast and lunch. Scientists determined what a child should be eating in order to have a healthy diet, and the government implemented these into schools across the country to allow children to have a good diet from a young age. Many Americans die each year from issues related to their health, namely their diet, and the goal was to prevent this from occurring. This, however, can lead to overpopulation. Many local governments also use a standard called zoning to allow for healthier food options. This causes less fast food restaurants in a certain area, and can provide incentives for farmers markets or healthy restaurants and grocery stores (CDC). Because these give people healthier options, and less unhealthy ones, people are more likely to live longer.

Although living a long, healthy life may sound good, when looked at deeper, it only causes problems. It is true that cutting junk food out of one’s diet helps them to be in better condition, leading to a longer life, however many children are born everyday, and if less people are dying, it will result in an abundance of human beings on the same land. The government’s plan to help people eat healthy looks good on paper, but when the consequences are thoroughly looked at, more problems arise.Nursing homes Although there are private nursing homes in existence, many come from funds by the government through Americans’ taxes. These facilities have been proven to cause a longer life expectancy than a senior citizens living on their own. Not only does this cause more people to be in the country, it also takes money away from people.

Instead of purchasing items to increase the economy, Americans are being forced to pay for people to live longer, which results in overpopulation. It is disheartening to see someone die, especially a loved one, but deaths must occur in order for the country to be stable. More money will stay in the hands of the people, increasing the overall economy, and more resources will be available to everyone at a cheaper cost, which will also cause the economy to increase. Conclusion Because of the many programs and guidelines they have implemented into society, the government is the root cause of overpopulation in the country. This must stop, or the country will be in a place where the majority of its citizens are in poverty, and resources will be scarce.

To prevent this from happening, less government regulations must occur. Laws regarding the land are justifiable, however, those that are created to benefit society must be looked at in great detail from all perspectives before being passed and implemented into daily life. Each law passed affects every citizen in the United States, and the government must look at the effects of the individual, the group, and the economy before making a decision. Although this is essential to controlling the population, there is no guarantee that they will follow this, leading to nothing occurring. Overpopulation must be stopped, and the cause is also the solution.


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