Introduction: manufacturing and local alternatives. There are many

Introduction: Stage 2 Food and hospitality, students are required to investigated sustainable practices of local Adelaide restaurants.

In this investigation students will investigate and analyse “How and why are restaurant deciding to offer sustainable food in their menus?” Season produces and sustainable practice is currently an emerging trend within the food and hospitality industry with consumers becoming more knowledgeable, influencing local producers and local environment, proving local economic benefits. Why sustainable with food choices: Sustainable Agriculture is the production of food, fiber or other plants and animal produced using farming techniques which protects the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. Sustainable foods should be produced, processed, brought, sold and eaten in ways that provided social benefits in which contribute to thriving local economies. By choosing sustainable foods not only protects the environment and public and personal health it also protects and empowers workers. How can people be more sustainable with their food?Food has become a global market as a result of high consumer demand, it is possible to purchase foods that are in and out of season all year round, in which are placed and sold in supermarkets as the outcome of the global market and integrated supply-chain.

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With the increasing market consumers are becoming more concerned with where their food is coming from, products manufacturing and local alternatives. There are many way for people to be more sustainable with their food. Such as; learning to cook, eating locally and seasonally, preserve the harvest and grow/produce your own products. As well as choosing certified sustainable food when shopping or dining is one of the simplest and effective way to help support the environments food production and sourcing.

Critically analyse the sustainable practice a local restaurant or café have implemented and why? Sarah’s sister’s is a well-known vegetarian/vegan café in South Australia. Sarah sister café thrives itself for being a sustainable and environmentally responsible business, all about minimising energy consumption and food wastage through the stages of the operation. Sarah’s Sisters Sustainable Café uses fresh, seasonal local produce and beverage that provides a high-quality meal but also benefits the local producer and community, which minimises transportation of the produces thus better for the environment.


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