Intro:Did official sport of the Olympic Games.

Intro:Did you know volleyball was created for older people to play after because not a lot of energy was needed? Volleyball is a popular game around the world, some people say it is  the second most played game, soccer coming first.

Even though the rules are half a dozen people on each side, there are many different ways people like to play. It could be at the beach or in the backyard with friends and family.History:William G .Morgan was the person who created volleyball in 1895. Volleyball has actually had three names: Mintonette(1895),Volley Ball(1896), Volleyball(1952).

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In 1964 indoor volleyball became an official sport of the Olympic Games. Fédération Internationale de Volleyball(FIVB) is an organization for other federations to sponsor volleyball for world tournaments. There were about 220 federations belonging to FIVB.

In 1895 William G. Morgan(the creator of volleyball) saw that there was a problem: the new game basketball was popular with kids was to much for businessmen. He thought is should have some physical activity but not to much so you can play it at such and it is relaxing. Also it shouldn’t be to aggressive. He said “It had to be a sport, with a strong athletic impulse, but no physical contact.” To make the sport he took from others. From tennis the net and basketball he took the ball.

He took the idea of inning from baseball and the use of hands and the ability to play off the wall and over hangs from handball.Rules:The game of volleyball regularly has 6 players on each side, they try to pass a ball over a net. Both team tries to hit the ball on the opposing sides floor(they would gain a point).On a volleyball court there are six players on each side.

They rotate one move clockwise when the ball hits the ground on the other teams side. There are three players at the front and the back. The three players at the front can only jump and spike or block  close to the net. The people at the back can only if they jump from the attack line and hit the ball over.

“New rules and even a brand new position made their debuts at the 2000 Sydney Games. Traditionally, teams could only score when they had served the ball. Since 2000, teams can score no matter who served, making all rallies do or die. In order to accommodate the quicker scoring pace, the first four sets are now played to 25 points while the final set remains at 15 points. Sets must be won by two points. Matches are best-of-five sets” (Factmonster 1).Olympics:Conclusion:In conclusion Volleyball is a well known sport that many like to play.

It is also a very unique one that is made out of a lot of different sports.


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