Intrinsic drug molecules or the biomaterials containing

Intrinsic Factors and Principles of Drug Delivery and Design
The Physiological barriers of the human body plays an important role in causing the obstruction against the transport of biomaterials. This blockade prevents the body from harmful and unwanted agents. Even the delivery of biomolecules of the same body are obstructed towards certain areas in-order to maintain a balance and homeostatis.
This barrier also prevents the drug molecules or the biomaterials containing the “body-like” composition known as biosimilar. In order to develop a new dosage form or a targeted delivery system for a specific disease site, these barriers should properly be studied.
Research studies are conducted throughout the world to overcome these barriers by the addition of different kinds of moieties, carrier systems and functionalities, yet we fail to understand the true nature of these barriers, their behavior and the mechanistic approach of these drug molecules, their non-specific distribution and drug accumulation at various sites remains an enigma.
We are more in need of rational and innovative designs that are desired to address these biological barriers for the successful drug delivery to a targeted site.

Our study focuses on these biological barriers and pharmacokinetic and factors that must be taken in account for the effective drug delivery.
The knowledge of the intrinsic factors affecting pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drugs are yet limited while the literature are scarce in this regard. The limitations and applicability of these theoretical and practical models can lead to the development of an effective drug delivery system and specific drug candidates for these particular sites.

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