Intramurals generals, chess, word factory, and scrabble;

Intramurals is an event that is been annually celebrated on schools. This is designed for everyone to have fun but still have a competitive edge. Yearly, every students are given a chance to showcase their talents and wit through participating in the variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. In this event, every student from their respective sections and departments have their own competitors in their different field of sports from which they aim to be announced as champions. You may encounter group sports namely, basketball, volleyball, sepak, and futsal. There also games which are played individually, and those are table tennis, badminton and board games namely, game of the generals, chess, word factory, and scrabble; games that are played with partners namely, darts but you can also include table tennis and badminton here since there doubles in that sport event.

On September 03-07, Mount Carmel School of Maria Aurora held their Intramurals. They started their program with a parade of players that shows off their enthusiasm by shouting their yells. After the parade, another highlight of the opening ceremony that made everyone eager to start the games was the presentation of yells from each department and sections, which are used to boost the eagerness of the players to win. Then the iconic lighting of torch and rising of each sections’ colorful flags.

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During the intramural week, the students gave their best to win their matches. The section from their respective departments that will garner the highest tabulation of all the gathered gold and silver shall be declared as the champion in the Intramurals 2018. On the last day of the said activity, a mass was held in order to give thanks to the success of the intramurals week. Another highlight of the event was the colored fun run in which everyone including the faculty and staff have enjoyed.


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