Interpretation Project essay

Jerome Schroder Step 1: Grasp the text in their town- In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, He is telling them to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them in everything they do. In verse 17, he goes on to tell them that if they would only listen and follow the Holy Spirit then they will not be doing what their sinful nature desires. We as humans have a natural inclination to sin, so instead of doing things God’s way, we do things ours. Paul goes on to tell the Galatians that they have the freedom to either serve one another or serve sin.

The freedom to sin is no freedom at all because then you become a slave of your own inful desires. Paul later is explaining to the Galatians that if they choose to not follow the Holy Spirit and instead choose to follow their own evil desires such as sexual immorality, impurity, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, jealousy, anger towards your brother and any other sin that is detestable to God, then the results are very clear. They will not inherit the Kingdom of God. tep 2: Measuring the width of the river to cross- There is not much difference in what Paul was telling the Galatians about the Holy Spirit compared to how we interpret scripture today. As a matter of fact, the river to cross in this case is xtremely narrow. God and the Holy Spirit are the same today as they were yesterday. During the time Paul was speaking to the Galatians, the concept of being led by the Holy Spirit was new to them but in today’s society, we continue to experience the Spirit of God.

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However, people seem to be more aware of the power of the Holy Spirit through the congregation, Sunday school, Bible study groups, the various types of ministries, the family and fellowshipping with other Christians. Step 3: Cross the Principilizing Bridge, In verse 16, Paul is telling the Galatians how to live a clean and sinless life. Just s it was back then, everyone is tempted by the desires of the flesh but if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us, then those temptations we are faced with each and every day will not be carried out.

The second theological principle is the ongoing war between our flesh and the Holy Spirit. In verse 17, Paul is saying to the Galatians that their sinful nature and the power of the Holy Spirit are in constant conflict with each other. In other words, the mind was telling the body to do whatever it wanted which would eventually lead to destruction while the Holy Spirit was trying to lead them down the path of ighteousness. As mentioned in step 2, the Holy Spirit is the same today as He was yesterday but in todays society, we need the Holy Spirit more than ever.

Since the fall of man, many people, and even Christian would try do things their way instead of God’s way. Finally, the third theological principle is mentioned in verse 18 where Paul says, “But if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law”. The Galatians were probably confused by this because for years the Judaizers were telling them that they had to follow Jewish law in order to be saved. Just like today, we are no longer under the old covenant ut rather we are under the new covenant which is only by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ can we be saved.

Step 4: Grasp the text in our town- Christians today can follow these theological principles simply by staying in God’s Word. “But don’t just listen to God’s Word, you must do what it says otherwise you are only fooling yourself’. James 1:22. Just because we were born into sin with a sinful nature is no excuse for living in the flesh doing worldly things. We as Christians have to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us down the right path. One example in my life was that several months ago, elt led by the Holy Spirit to start a morning devotion group at my place of employment.

I was not sure how it would turn out or if anyone would even show up but the group has been gradually growing so I thank God every day for allowing me to do this. Although there are many times the Holy Spirit has led me down the right path, such as leading me here to Liberty University or volunteering to teach Sunday school there have also been times in my life where ignored the Holy Spirit and gave into the desires of the flesh. In other words, doing what I wanted to do instead of what God wanted me to do.

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