Internship Experience Summary essay

Internship experience summary In this summer, under the guidance and help of our school I went to Tannin to fulfill my internship. The hotel is called Holiday Inn Squishy city. Was working as a bellboy at the concierge department which is belongs to the front office department. Before the internship, I don’t think that’s a big deal and nothing can discourage me. But when I start my internship, I found that there are still a lot of shortcomings I need to improve. Before the internship, I was full of reverse, because I didn’t know whether I could do well in this job.

Eve no experience of internship. However, this time all things would be changed. Have to face a series of problems and solve them. I should equip myself with hard work spirit. Our internship was absolutely different from our college life, and we didn’t do our homework or take part in classes. It’s literally to experience the society, learning how to work, how to communicate with others, how to accomplish the job.

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I was arranged in the concierge department. Everyday I just stand in the lobby.I was responsible to carry luggage for customers, help peoples who are in trouble in the lobby, help people open doors, etc. These were my daily job. Our job was same in total, and had small differences in detail. The leader would schedule our work time, altogether there are two shifts in total, A: from am to pm, B: 10:pm to 10:pm, The experience in Holiday Inn gave me the impression that everyone had his own position in this society, but wherever you were engaged in, you should love your job.

Thus, you could do it better. You must be responsible for your job. For example my happiest thing was the customer felt satisfied with my service. The internship indeed added my knowledge and enriched my social experience feel delightful that I can accomplish the internship. Difficulties can make me become stronger. I’ve learned a lot of skills during this period of time such as communication skills and diplomatic skills. What’s more, I got many precious experiences and I started to know the disadvantage of myself.

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