Interning work together to perform one specific

Interning with Parkinson’s specialists and observing patients with dementia over the summer made one thing clear- I definitely wished to pursue Neurobiology. After the internship, I was so intrigued by the functioning of the brain and felt compelled to conduct further research on it. It’s one of the most complex things in this world almost like a big city: appears to be disorganized, yet everyone gets where they need to on most days.

Neurobiology is a fascinating field as although the brain is one of the fundamental organs, we still know so little about it. This is exactly why I love Neurobiology it gives individuals a scope for creativity and imagination. Along with this, it allows individuals to understand life from an emergent point of view as a hundred billion neurons work together to perform one specific function. The University of Washington would be a great platform for me to explore my curiosity of Neurobiology as it provides students a range of activities such as the “Grey Matters” journal and the Neurobiology student club.

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It will be an honor to meet Professor William Moody whose research on mapping the development of ion channels was so impressive.


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