International Organization, and others organizations formulate various kinds

International cooperation has been emerging in this
global world to raise living standards, environment, health, education, and
development especially in least developed countries after early twenties
century. Currently, different organizations like Asian Development Bank, World Bank,
World Health Organization, and others organizations formulate various kinds of
strategies and funds to reduce the gap between developed or under developed nations.
International cooperation is the relationship between two or more different
nations having common goals to accelerate development within countries and made
to harmonize legislation which helps to encourage them for cooperation. National
development is ability of country to improve welfare of people. This essay
argues that international relationship does not threaten national development.
This will be supported by analyzing the following points. Firstly, international
collaboration leads to social development of nation. Secondly, international cooperation
promotes national economy.

The social
development of a nation can be promoted in least developed countries by international
cooperation. This is because international relationships help to create vital environment
for overall effort to develop nation rapidly. Firstly, these collaborations
between different countries can be effective tools to share, strengthen and
extend health action within nations. According to Lin et al (2016, pp.2-3),China
is being global health donors to Africa.In 2014,about 43 Chinese medical team was
sent to Africa, constructed 30 health care facilities,provide training to over 300
manpowers,supply medicines and invested about 123.9million USD in medical instruements
by granting forum on China -Africa Cooperation(FOCAC). This evidence shows that
FOCAC acts as central role to provide health aid to Africa for  quality of health services. Lack of materials and trained
manpower is the leading cause of health related issues like infectious diseases
 including malaria,Hiv/AIDs and others. The assistance which China
provide to Africa helps in fulfillment of gaps on health system.The Africa also
export oil and other natural resources to China.

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