International 14% of doctors, 19% of nurses, 44%

Internationalcooperation obviously influenced national development by advancement in health.Health is most important sector in the country.

This can only be improved byeducating and training the medical systems and availability at cheap rates withbest technology. This can be examined by following points. First of all,educated and trained human resources of health (HRH) are very essential for theadvancement in health systems. The research in international partnership ininterdisciplinary training programme on public health shows that Greece’spublic health has been suffering a lack of care for many years. Many publicorganisations and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) in the field were withlack of knowledge and insufficient training. For this purpose, World Health Organisation(WHO) and European Unity and Rights Organisation (EURO) agreed to present 16courses on international public health problems (Andreotti 2015, pp.

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2-4).In2004, the Hellenic Ministry of Health and social solidarity, the NationalSchool of Public Health (NSPH) and Regional Office of WHO in Europe decided tocollaborate for regular training courses in public health. Statistics tellsthat 14% of doctors, 19% of nurses, 44% of administrative staff, 9% of socialworkers and 6% of technicians were enrolled in these courses from 2006 to2007.This suggests that literate staff with highintegrity and proficiency is required to attain better future in health sector.This will lead to mental satisfaction of the patients as it is a key to fasthealing process. Secondly, governments can improve health by promoting healthtourism.

An example shows that many patients are used to travel across theborders for their best treatment with least cost. A recent research on Medicaltourism (Debra S. Sandberg 2017, p282) tells that global health market is ratedup to $55 billon and expected to rise 20% by every year. By inspecting facts onMedical tourism tell that in 2003 about 2.5 million overseas patients moved toThailand, in 2012 approximately 850,000 in Singapore and 40,000 in Rica in 2011.The evidence recommends, with more exposure to medical tourism will promote theworld trade especially in health sector and patients with best medical servicesat lower rates and vice versa.

Based on above, the alliance of differentcountries definitely prosperous health which leads to national development. 


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