Internal the damaged car and create niche for

Internal Analysis The Enterprise Rent A car is having a mission and a vision to reach those people who cannot buy their own car and are in a need to it .

Rent a car enterprise does approximately 94% of its business in local as well as city market as opposed with the airport car rentals because of it it is a major player in the field of car owners who want to rent their car on rent and in case of repairmen is required for the damaged car and create niche for the same .The target customers of the company will be travelling people ,college students ,student inside and outside the local area .Company will provide services round the clock .Company has a long list of car owner who want to provide their car on rent .Company has a great potential to grow as it support its employees ,committed manpower then training system and effective execution of the coordination is the essence of the enterprise .This combination is very rare to find in organizations .External Environment Analysis External Environment Comprises of factors existing outside the organization where the control is limited as far as macro components are concern ,which includes political ,sociological .demographic ,global and technological factors .

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Rent a car enterprise uses latest technology to reach customers company take use of updated software for linkage with customers which enhance the customer satisfaction and provide better services.Financially and economically company holds a good position to establish its new market.Legal issues are a constraint for the company .The laws put a little barrier in the smooth working of the Enterprise .Enterprise needs to perform various research to the laws ,rules and regulations of the government and its impact on the business . Natural Environment is favorable, as it will not affect the business much ,There is not any drastic change which takes place in the environment, the little change in the nature will not affect the business much .Demographic Environment supports the target customers for the business well.

SWOT Analysis of the Enterprise:After the analysis of the complete enterprise with the dynamicity of the environment ,there are many strengths and weaknesses came for the organization .The most important part is to explore more and more and convert these strengths into the opportunities to compete the existing competitors existing in the market .Moreover the weakness needs a problem lot of concentration and wisely needs to be taken care of .Once weaknesses are overcome there is no for the organization ,enterprise can work well for competing the competitors and being into the names of most profitable enterprise The matrix below show the complete analysis of the RENT A car Enterprise The profit of the company is based on the fleet and the number of persons those who want to give their vehicle on rent or buy the car rental insurance .Managers should always think and take this into consideration that customers should always feel delighted after using your services ,customer should feel high level of satisfaction so as the word of mouth and the feedback of the customers always go positive .

Frederick Reichfield writes, “Long-term relationships require honest, two way communication and learning.” Majorly In case company Rent a car enterprise want to continue to be a leader in the industry of car rental services then managers has to tackle the interaction with one another and remove their disputes ,because according to a advertiser it is very important to appropriately give training to managers to tackle difficult situations so as their ability and experience may handle those situations and provide effective leadership . So major focus needs to be taken care in case of communication and a good response to the customers. Customers are really the king of any marketing and business .So it is required to in a Enterprise Rent a car type too to care of the customers and make them satisfied as much as possible .The better you serve them the more prosperity the company will gain .

Competitors Analysis :It is completely based on the portes five principles where it is being found out that enterprise is facing numerous challenges to sustain its leadership position in the off airport market as well as needs to strengthen its position in the on airport market ,which will create a good market for the enterprise for sure .The major five components:• Industry Rivalry • Bargaining power of suppliers.• Threat of new entrants.• Threat of substitute.Bargaining power of Buyers The market is witnessing consolidation and key competitors are making aggressive move in the off airport and insurance segment in which enterprise has a strong hold .Enterprise needs to modify its strategy in order to respond to these competitive threats.Enterprise has to leverage on its strengths in order to create sustainable competitive advantage for the firm in various segments of the rental car industry.

Company needs to maintain its vehicles from time to time for providing better services.Company can go for the facility of one way rental. This can be done to create a market value and grab more and more customers from market.Organisational competitive position There are major challenges which make it difficult that is the cost and the risk of the businesses which are in developing stage ,moreover these businesses also go through inter organisational information system .

Deriving business value from such system become difficult as compared to the one where information system within a single enterprise .as the businesses are at different and distinctive trades and then merges them and doing it at same time for one business ,interconnecting them and their business objectives of these trading partners .In such cases the difficulty level ,cost and risk increases more as investment target requires to enable and coordination of the trading partners interaction .In such kind of cases the technology plays a major part .

Technology let the business in the win win situation and give business a sustainable competitive advantage become a function of it creates the business value participation from the value net and also create a major barrier that stops and deter the competitors from developing the technology platform of the same kind . Once this inter-organizational cooperation through value nets intensifies, the first mover’s introduction come to the market many of the parameters can be overlooked, the benefits and the advantages of owning this technical platform can be extraordinary which will be long term and competitors reach is complicated in this case network participation will earn a profitable phase .The company is analysed with all good phases as well :1.The company has started many services which will emerge as a major opportunities in the market .

2.The car rental market is expanding and growing globally and people are preferring this type of services passionately .3.

People are using internet at a large scale. People also use the online booking or purchasing services.4.People use internet and smartphone on a large scale for all the booking or the other purposes .5.

Many of the people who have their own vehicle but then also they prefer to book the cab while travelling in other places and outer places at airport or railways stations.Organisational Structure Organisational Structure of the enterprise is moreover focuses on the part of having a quick decision and decentralisation power .There will be few layers of management .

The structure will moreover a tall organisation structure .It will be hierarchical long organisation chain of command structure.Once the organisational structure is effective many of the problems at communication part which many time come up solve at the same stage .Managerial control of this structure will remain in hands of employees immediate senior .It will enhance the performance of the employees and command.

Rent A car is one of the organisation which will definitely be one of the most profitable organisation in the coming years The major Benefits the organisation have with this on the performance will be:• The Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a strong brand image.• Company has vehicles available in large fleet.• Company provides operations and services in large scale.

• The company has strong financial condition. Company can expend a large amount to setup the new business.• .Company is providing its leading customer services and the customers are very much satisfied with the services of Enterprise Rent-A-Car .The company will perform well and all the internal as well as external linkage of all the factors seems to be highly supportive for the expansion of the organisation .


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