Interactive minute, with the effect stacking up

Interactive ShadowInteractive Shadow is an ability which when activated allows the user to affect other objects when their shadows overlap, indicated by the point of contact becoming black. The deepest point of overlapping on the 2D shadows is calculated and grafted accordingly onto where it would be felt on the target’s corporeal and is the point of contact wherein the user is able to act upon it as though they were in contact with it. The target can then be affected by the user so long as their shadow continues to overlap with the users. If the user displaces the target it is done so with correspondence to the user’s corporeal form, using the point of contact’s locale relative to the origination point to understand the altercations received unto the target with the distance between the point of contact and the origination point as a base unit of measurement from which to calculate the effects of the displacement in that individual case. Rotation of the user’s origination point causes their shadow to rotate in the same direction by an identical amount of degrees for a minute, with the effect stacking up to a total of 3 times with the duration of each stack diminishing by 20% relative to the original. When the number of stacks is exceeded the oldest stack is automatically cancelled and the user’s newest stack is applied afterwards which lasts 20% shorter than the most recent stack. The origination point is a perfectly spherical zone within the user’s body which never changes its position and is the point from which the locale of all PoC’s are registered.

This ability is manifested by people who are in touch with their dark side, taking it to a new level.There are 6 limits to this ability:#1 The user may only interact using 1 of body part at a time #2 Whilst interacting both the user and their target maintain their natural properties#3 Only parts of the user’s person may be points of contact#4 The user’s origination point cannot share a body part with a point of interaction#5 If the user’s origination point is destroyed they are unable to interact until they create a new one#6 The user’s origination point is always in line with a tattoo, the size encompassing the circumference of the origination point

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