Inter Partner Violence among Military Members essay

Using this DEERE database, 16,540 randomly selected active duty women from the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines were sent letters that requested their articulation in a survey about women’s health.

The women were then sent consent forms, and 2, 179 women gave consent to participate in the study. On top of the study consent forms, the military’s review board initiated a four page form of consent, completely explaining the nature of the study. In the consent pages given by the review board, it stated that the participant’s higher commanding officer was to review the results and survey responses of the women.Only 36% of the 2,179 women signed the four page consent papers, leaving 779 participants. Of the 779 consented participants, only 79%, r 616 women completed the survey and interview process.

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The women were studied using an adjusted version of the Abuse Assessment Screen, a commonly used interview tool. The women were asked questions regarding sexual, emotional and physical abuse in their adult lives by partners, husbands, or boyfriends. The results of the survey showed that 30% of the women reported adult PIP, and the prevalence of the adult PIP during their time served in the military was 21. %. The highest risk factors for PIP were, separated/divorced/widowed women, have one child, having three or more hillier, and being an enlisted member versus being an officer. The researchers and authors suggest that the military’s approach and programs regarding domestic violence should be updated.

I feel as if this is a very important issue that isn’t investigated enough amongst the military community. I think that domestic violence in general should be addressed more in the military, female or male.Being the daughter of a female soldier, I have seen firsthand how female soldiers are supposed to fit this want to “be just like the rest of the guys” and try to “run with the big dogs” stereotype. It is as if they aren’t equal to a male soldier, but rather they are there as a courtesy. The issue that was addressed in this journal was, the fact that many women opted out of this study because of the review board’s four page letter Of consent that was sent out at the beginning of the study.Many of these women were afraid of being looked down on even more if their commanding officer read their responses to the abuse questions on the survey. Some may even have been assaulted or abused by one of them, it’s a possibility.

Altogether I think that this journal displayed a sound amount of sounding research that is needed to get these military programs motivated to change. It’s just one journal in one article, but it’s a small step in the right direction.Journal Review 2 This journal attempts to give an insight to bereaved parents who had lost a child and the reasoning behind the abstaining of their sexual relationship in the times after the death of their children. Authors Annelids Housemaster and Paul Reasonable interviewed 16 heterosexual couples, married and divorced, and asked them really personal questions regarding their sex life and interactions. After being interviewed the authors concluded that there were many different aspects of the couples’ sexual relationships that needed to be identified.For instance, some partners Were against sex for some time because it reminded them of the way that the child was brought into the world. They were completely turned off by any type of sexual activity for that reason.

For the other partner, some felt as if sex was another way of making new life, and it was therapeutic for them. Most of the couples did not agree on this. While most couples were abstaining from sex immediately after the death, some couples’ sexual contact increased.Sexual contact such as hugging, kissing, cuddling, or touching of any sort. This was often seen as ways of comforting one another, but it can be seen as sexual contact.

Unfortunately there were three incidents of extramarital affairs in three separate couples. These were mainly due to issues of disagreement between the two partners on whether or not to have sex, one partner needed it and the other wouldn’t do it. There were a number of emotional things that happened to these couples throughout the new beginnings of their sexual relationships.In general, these couples were all volunteers, mostly white, not very ethnically diverse. Their children, unfortunately, all passed away in ways that were not connected in any way, and most were different causes of death from one another.

I found this article to be very interesting. I personally had to deal with many losses of friends at a young age, and seeing the parents of my friends try to pick up the pieces of their lives was so heartbreaking for me. Now, as a young adult, I can’t even begin to imagine what they had to do to get to where they are now.There are so many different aspects of life that need to be adjusted fête the loss of a child, and the sexual relationship between the parents is just one part Of it. The one element that I am still particularly Curious about, and the authors admit that the conversations could have been led deeper than they were, was the idea of having another baby soon after the death of the child and what replacement really meant. That was an issue that was brought up when discussing the differences in sexual motivation, but wish that the authors could have discussed and researched that more with these couples.

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