Intellithings by syncing straight with your smartphone.

Intellithings is a company that invent new products and help to find solution for connected Home market and IoT smart. Intellithings CEO is Oren Kotlicki, creating a customized and automatic electronic for homeowners around the world is his main goal. The reason is that he wants to give a chance to people to make their life easier and a living experience. This company recently develop a campaign called RoomMe. It is designed to have several profiles. RoomMe is a Smart Home sensor that recognizes and modifies everything at home by syncing straight with your smartphone. It can identify who’s in the room.

When synch through smartphone, RoomMe has the atmosphere from light to mood to temperature and surprisingly security control as well. Everything is by sensors. Intellithings team said that Virtual Personal Assistant give you what they expect you to ask for instead of hearing what you ask for. They created RoomMe which it aware when you are in the room and give what you want without moving your arms or yell into the device. You don’t have to speak or point at devices, you can just walk around and the devices will automatically automate itself for you. All of us share the same dream – When it comes to Smart Homes, it recognizes us and make our lifestyle more convenient.The advantages of this product are RoomMe sensor able to control several smart devices such as coffee maker, lamps, thermostats, lights, ceiling fans, televisions, cameras, window blinds and smart outlets. In case you didn’t know, RoomMe actually have cool functions.

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For instance, when you are alone in the room, the thermostats can sense it and increase the temperature and when your significant other is in the other room, it will lower down the temperature. Once you enter the room, the lights turn on and off according to your liking. This is an incredible feature mostly for those who is living alone. When you enter the room, the lights will automatically turn on without having to switch it on. There’s actually an app called RoomMe and the camera will begin rolling when someone enter the house. RoomMe consist of 15.2cm width and the height is 4.

5cm. RoomMe sensor can be install on the ceiling and at room entrance. It is a wireless Bluetooth low energy and the battery can sustain for 2 and the half years to 3 years with normal use. It doesn’t connect to any cloud services when user wants to keep data. Only RoomMe Sensor does the decision of the detection. Therefore, RoomMe was invented to be a secure system and user doesn’t have to provide personal information.

It will inform about the Room location on the smartphone. On the contrary, it’s app will not backup or leak its personal information on RoomMe cloud. The rules are only available on your smartphones. RoomMe has a local control, it means that it will use local language to communicate to manage Smart Home gadgets. RoomMe also doesn’t accept any instruction through sources from outside.

The disadvantages and problems of selling this product is that it is expensive to purchase this kind of product. Smart home products are not suitable for everyone. Some people can afford to buy smart home products, but it doesn’t mean that it will not use up their money. They can buy the products one after another and it doesn’t seem like spending too much but by the time there’s a new invented smart home system that they want, they will probably prefer to spend on this product than the previous one. The sensor is a costly product considering when determining or evaluating smaller areas. Besides that, it is sensitive to presence such as it can sense not only the user but anyone who is in the room and for those who raise pets at home, once the sensor sense them it will automatically connect all the devices in the house. This can cause a waste of electricity and have to pay more than usual.

This sensor needs a certain kind of drill to evaluate images that’s why it considered pricy to use sensor in the long run due to it needed extra training to be approved by the users. This sensor needs to rely on internet connection. If the internet is not strong enough it will not work on the user. Besides that, RoomMe is a wireless signal. Some electronic devises like smartphones and laptops might interrupt the connection and cause the sensor not to function properly


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