Integrating five theroeis of organization change essay

Review of organization change literature conducted as part of this study suggested that five coherent sets of change models relating to action, Systems, learning, complexity, and social constructionist theories tend to underlie most approaches to change. For this study, theory referred to a set of propositions that logically summarize a body of information. While each of these sets of models reflected certain aspects of the process of change, any one of these alone failed to comprehensively describe how change could be planned, executed, and sustained.

Existing change literature was reviewed to identify contemporary models of change and success factors for change. Based on this review, the researcher created the Transform-Acknowledge-Define-Align-Perform model, an integrated and comprehensive model of how change is planned, executed, and sustained. This theoretical dissertation observed criteria for a sound theory to create an integrative model for change. Efforts were made to assure that the new model has value for consulting practitioners, managers, change agents, and researchers.

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The new model was applied post hoc to two archival cases (one successful, one unsuccessful) to validate its usefulness. The researcher discovered that significant similarities existed across the five sets of theories, including the needs to create readiness for change, involve and align a wide range of stakeholders, and create and deliver on an overarching vision for the change. Recommendations for future research were to develop a manual and training program for consultants and to pilot the model’s approach within a variety of organizations.

Further study also needs to be done to create both quantitative and qualitative metrics that can be used at each stage of the change model in order to track how the organization initiates, executes, and sustains change. Acknowledgments They say it takes a village to raise a child, while today am humbled to have give honor to my village. A village starts with a leader, or in my case, co- leaders… Mom and Dad. You are the beacon in my night, the endless glow in y heart, my inspiration, my breath and my comfort. You have made me see myself and accept myself throughout an amazing journey.

I am woven from your cloth and to you my love burns eternally. Then there is my one love, yond who went left this village to early in life. You left far before your children could cherish and understand the best of you. You have come to me and wiped away my tears in the middle of the night in my dreams guiding me and whispering BELIEVE. Then there are my little ones, born of my cloth and bathed in my love; Amanda, Ryan, Garrett, Zachary, and Hannah. You sacrificed many nights with o hugs and kisses, no stories read, not enough money for all the special things, but you loved me more and more everyday.

And then, when I thought there could be no more little ones along came Justine, Lyndon, Kennedy and now Amy. Oh, but wait for here comes Erasable, who picked me up on many dark nights and reminded me of my journey. I love you all. Then there are the soul sisters; Camille, Robin, Marci, and Jean Hanna. I cannot say anymore than that, you are gave me comfort in the dark. But then along came one more member of the sisterhood, Karen. You not only stood by me you taught me, everyday was a teaching day, you are a great teacher Aka Rene.

I have held these positions in both for-profit and nonprofit environments and facilitated change within organizations large and small. In my early consulting assumed the role of expert who entered the system, performed a diagnosis, and implemented a solution. While this resulted in temporary gains, the system typically reverted to its old patterns shortly after my intervention due to low buy-in and lack of skill and knowledge transfer. For example, at one college that was on the verge of insolvency, I agreed to rover a 1 -year contract as chief financial officer.

Over an 8-month period, I identified the personnel and reconsidering issues that led to the college’s problems and instituted controls, policies, and procedures that enabled the institution to regain its financial footing. The college asked me to complete these tasks for them rather than train its staff to continue the practices. The college’s financial Statements, morale, and programs continued to improve during my tenure. However, within 5 months after my departure, the school could not meet its enrollment projections, morale decreased, and nearly 10% f its staff quit.

I learned from engagements like this that I needed to intervene in systems differently if lasting change was to result. Specifically, I realized that people throughout the whole system needed to be involved in diagnosing problems, designing and implementing solutions, and sustaining the change. During other engagements, I realized that change projects rarely unfold in a smooth manner and that employees tend to be engaged to different degrees by the 2 organization, by each other, and by the greater community. Misalignments in expectations regarding the organization and the change also appear to be moon.

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