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The cost prevalent factors being that white bread contains more processed sugars and nutrients have been bleached out in the process.

(Ralston, 201 0) An opposing article written by UCLA students in April 2003 suggested that it isn’t the fact the way the breads are made but more the environment they are stored and kept that has the effect on molding. They argue that even most wheat breads have been processed and have preservatives in them and that they should mold at the same rate. Only when breads lack preservatives and are 100% organic did they notice a measurable difference.UCLA , 2003) AAA. Our Study process – Parts A – D 1. First we will gather three different types of bread. We will use white bread, wheat bread, and an organic whole grain wheat bread. (2 slices per type of bread) 2.

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We will also need the following supplies for this experiment: Paper towels, Copilot sandwich bags, a marker, scissors, and a tape measure. 3. We will take the bags and insert a slice of bread into each bag. Make sure not to damage the bread during this process. 4. Mark your bags, just in case the mold makes the bread unrecognizable, with the type of bread in each bag. Take a small piece of paper towel and run it under tap water just enough to make it damp.

Squeeze out any excess water. 6. Place the damp piece of paper towel into the bag to sit in the middle of the bread slice. 7. Squeeze out any excess air from the bags and seal. 8. Place bag in dark location and check your bags each day to see how your experiment is doing. 9.

Record each day the growth, size, and color of any mold on the bread slices. 10. Experiment should last for seven (7) days AAA. Variables My dependent variable will be the measurement of the growth of mold.

This will be a direct result of my independent variable of temperature, moisture levels, brands of bread, and storage of experiment. My changing any of my independent variables, my dependent variable can change dramatically. AAA. Threat Reduction to Internal Validity – After researching this topic I will work to keep my bias from effecting the study. Can do this my making sure I cut all paper towel squares the same size, use the same brands of bread across the bread types, soak the paper towels for a set duration of 5 seconds. AS.

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