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Our project explored the influence of advertising on dietary habits and suggested ways to better develop healthier dietary habits. In the course of our project, we proposed the use of Lancaster posters on the boards at bus stop to raise awareness of the influence of advertising. However, it is not that sustainable as the hype over such posters will wear off after some time and the public will not pay as much attention to them as before.

To further increase its effectiveness, we can come up with a variety of interactive posters ND locate them at different areas that have high human traffic. As seen in Figure 1 , an interactive poster which uses the idea of a trash Din, can involve the public by encouraging them to discard the false advertisements on their fashion magazines. This educates the public that there is a way to “shed their weight problem” and it is easy to overcome body dissatisfaction. Figure 1: An example of interactive poster Also, to expand its scope, the interactive posters can be brought to lifts which have high human traffic.As seen in Figure 2, we can make use of the lift door and its interior background to illustrate contrasting images of commercials. When viewed from different perspectives, people will firstly see what they would normally view on commercials and then will be exposed to another behind the scenes view where editing is made. This shows that advertisers are misleading in the information that they transmit, and consumers should not accept information portrayed at face value. Figure 2: An example of interactive poster in liftsNot only that, more could be done in terms of the lack of Media Literacy education targeted at public.

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As the main purpose of Lancaster posters is to raise the publics awareness of the influence of advertising, it is not adequate in cataloging a change in the publics behavior. To tackle that issue, we can collaborate with Media Literacy Council to give online education via an online portal. As seen in Figure 3, the user can get more information on Media Literacy through lecture videos and transcripts of talks by professionals.This an teach them the proper way to analyze advertisements and bring long- term effect. To further increase convenience for public, a Quick Response Code will be added on the posters so that they can direct themselves to the weapon easily (Figure 4). Figure 3: Screenings of weapon Figure 4: Example of Poster with CRY code As it might be hard to impart certain practical skills and knowledge through the computer screen for the non-tech savvy audience, we can consider collaborating with community centers and expand Media Literacy Programmer o target the adults.

Similar to the Media Literacy Programmer in Schools, the community centre will offer “Spot the Difference” and “Stand in their Shoes” workshops but with greater intensity. For example, the participants will be given an X brand of detergent who advertised itself as the best detergent to remove stains for and promote defective household products to consumers.

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