Information took a huge interest in this invention.

Information about Richard March Hoe, He was born on September 12, 1812 in New York City and died on June 7, 1886 in Florence, Italy. Hoe was an American inventor who developed the first successful rotary printing press. Richard was married and had a family living in a manor house in the Bronx. He had two brothers Peter Smith and Robert Hoe II.  He was the son of Robert Hoe which was a very wealthy man. His father was an English born American mechanic, who established a factory for the production of printing presses in New York City with his brothers in law Peter and Matthew Smith. Robert his father grew up in England on a farm where is father worked. Later then Robert had sailed off to the United States by himself and began to pursuit business in the carpeting industry. Eventually he had developed a carpeting business that flourished into a carpeting and a printing company. Here Robert Hoe was introduced to an invention which had recently been discovered in england, he took a huge interest in this invention. After examining the invention which was a two cylinder press he decided to make his own press of this type and he believed he could make a even better more affected version of it. He had accomplished the remake of the two cylinder press but wasn’t able to further improve on the two cylinder press due to health issues. Then when Richard found out his father began to get sick he became a big part in the company. He was now in partnership with Mr. Newton, Mathew Smith, and his brother Robert Hoe II which was named after their father. Their father later passed away after becoming ill in 1833. It was now the sons job to carry on his father’s legend and complete what he had already started. In 1837 Richard Hoe had made his first very own invention, this invention was an improvement of grinding saws. His next invention fallen into the themes of printing. He produced a machine known as Hoes double cylinder press. This press was most known for being bought by the New York son. This double cylinder press was much more improved and better than the printing industry has ever seen but it was still not fast enough to keep up with the newspaper business. In 1842 Richard began to make a more improved press in 1846 4 unsuccessful years had passed and Richard was beginning to lose hope. Then, an idea had sparked and the new invention was made he had created the lighting press it made 8,000 impression within one hour soon after invention the word spread and newspapers around the United States, England, Australia, and France were all using this new press. Throughout the years he continue to add cylinders to his press making it faster and more successful. Richard was the most successful he would ever be. He worked establishing manufactories in London, New York, and Boston. In 1870 he developed the rotary press which is the most noted today. This press was able to print on both sides of a page in a single operation it printed 18,000 pages per hour. No further inventions were noted that he had made after the rotary press. In 1886 after a successful life in the printing industry. Richard had passed away leaving his wife and family behind. He was an inventor which influenced the printers we use today and will never be forgotten in the industry. Originally, Friedrik Koenig had invented the steam driven printing process that had sped up printing. The Koenig press could print up to 400 sheets per one hour. Then, that’s when Richard Hoe an American press maker made improvements to Koenig’s design. Then is 1832 Hoe had produced the Single Small Cylinder Press. In a single cylinder press, one piece of paper is pressed between a flat surface and a cylinder in which a curved plate is attached. The cylinder then rolls over the piece of surface and produces an impression over the paper. Cylinder pressed were stated they were much faster then hand presses and could print between 1,00 and 4,00 impression per one hour. Then that’s when Richard Hoe invented the rotary press. A rotary press prints on paper and when it passes between the two cylinders, one cylinder supports the paper, and the other cylinder contains the print plates. The first rotary press that Richard Hoe invented could print up to 8,000 copies per one hour. Without Richard Hoes invention i don’t think we would be where we are in this world today. Hoe is well known for his invention of the cylinder press.


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