Information on Measles: A Health Assessment Presentation essay

Describe how measles impacts the adult client. Discuss a care plan that addresses outcomes for the adult client. Identify expected outcomes for an adult client (health screening/health promotion/health interventions/education). Discuss community and national resources for adults with measles. A informative measles video 3 A clinical description and definition of the disease or illness 4 A childhood infection caused by a virus. Also called Rubella. “Transmitted by direct contact with infectious droplets or by airborne spread when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes.

Measles virus can main infectious in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves an area” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], n. D. , Para. 9). Highly contagious. Pathologically & History of the Disease Hard measles, or 7-day measles (rubella), is a communicable viral disease caused by the Miraculous. Rubella (3-day measles, German measles) is a childhood disease caused by the rubella virus. In 1 912, measles became a nationally noticeable disease in the United States. Measles was declared eliminated (absence of continuous disease remission for greater than 12 months) from the United States in 2000. The impact measles on adults, the health care system & nursing practice 6 Risk to healthcare providers is increased related to exposure C] In 2008 half of 14 cases of Measles that were confirmed were acquired in the healthcare setting (Chin, 2011). CLC The costs to contain the outbreak during these 14 studied cases was nearly $800,000. Over $423,000 of the above mentioned costs were the cost of furlough expenses paid in the form of wages to employees awaiting testing results (Chin, 2011 The remaining costs included lab work, data collection, cocaine expenses etc.

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C] There are increases in costs related to measles when secondary infections occur. Description of the impact of disease during childhood 7 Measles leads to kids possibly having delays in development Delays in educational progress related to missing school Stress to kids and their families Emotional If uncial Poss. ability of secondary infections Ear infections (CDC, 2012). Pneumonia (CDC, 2012). Stash infections (CDC, 2012). A description of the impact of this disease in adults 8 “Atypical measles” occurs only in persons who received inactivated (killed) eagles vaccine (KM) and are subset intently exposed to wild-type measles virus. Subtract sclerosis’s phenolphthalein (ESP.) . Dangerous during pregnancy for baby and mom. Symptoms similar for children and adults. Easy and quick to catch at any age. Demographic and health statistics 9 From 2000-2013 About 15. 6 million deaths were prevented by the measles vaccine (Perry, 2014). Annual reported incidence of measles declined by 72% worldwide (Perry, Annual deaths associated with measles declined by 75% worldwide (Perry, Goals o vaccinate Reduce the number of cases of measles

Reduce the mortality rate associated with measles Measles impacts the adult client in the following areas: Complications from measles are more common among adults. Embarrassment/Self-consciousness Infection/Diarrhea/Seizures Sexual transmission/Fear of spreading to partner Vaccinations available/Financial aid depending on location 10 Impact on Adult Client Susceptibility to Substance abuse: People with compromised physical and mental health may turn to alcohol or drugs in order to ease the symptoms of disease. Alcohol will dehydrate the patient and cause more discomfort.

Prenatal care and childbearing: MR. vaccination should be avoided during pregnancy. Measles in the first trimester of pregnancy may cause spontaneous abortion, still birth, and premature delivery, but it has not been proven to cause birth defects. Measles may occur during pregnancy because in only Of minimized people does immunity persists into adulthood. Coco optional considerations and hazards: Health care workers, emergency responders and other potential workers’ measles immunity status should be evaluated. If a person is not immune, they are considered susceptible to measles.

Exposed susceptible workers should be excluded from work, for 5 to 21 days following exposure. Post-exposure prophylaxis is given to exposed non-immune workers. Ability to cope with stress: The body ability to deal with stress caused by Rubella infection triggers both humeral and cellular immune responses. A rash is a result of an adaptive antiviral immune response. An outbreak of Measles can cause serious distress among people with compromised physical and mental health. 11 Expected outcome for an adult client 12 Client will : Have a balanced nutrition and hydration meeting the demands of the body ND the necessary requirements.

Not show evidence of complications of the disease such as ear or brain infections, croup, diarrhea and pneumonia. Show evidence of less discomfort while the immune system is fighting off the viral infection. Keep the skin and mucous membranes clean and free from infection. Make sure that the infection does not spread to others. Health Screening and Health Promotion: Early screening and isolation of infected persons are a key factor to limit the spread of disease. Screening by positive serological test for measles IGMP antibody and rise in measles Gig by standard serological assay.

Client is capable in preventing/reducing the risk of developing infection. Vaccination with the MR. vaccine protects minimized children as well as provides “herd immunity”. Proper skin care and mucous membrane care should be maintained to prevent further infection. Proper isolation of patients prevents the spread of disease in the community. Mandatory reporting of outbreaks to the public health department and CDC to protect the community and promote general public health. Health Intervention and Health Education 13 Monitor body temperature – treat with Ethylene or ibuprofen to reduce fever and relieve discomfort.

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