Info Speech Self Evaluation essay

Info Speech Self Evaluation I really enjoyed the informative Speech because I feel like I’ve improve a little bit. I know for a fact that was more confident to give my informative speech than my Tribute speech because I was a little more experienced and the technique of learning to calm myself definitely worked. But I do believe that my speech was still a B quality speech because I meet the following standards to have a satisfying B speech. But still have a lot of work to do in order to have a good A speech.What really liked about my speech was that I id a pretty good presenting my topic and transition was pretty good and from all the comments got positive and negatively I’d say they enjoyed it despite some big major work that needs to be done for next speech but other than that I would say that this was a fun informative speech that the audience enjoyed and myself. What I disliked about my informative speech is that my presentation midway through wasn’t going very smoothly I forgot to click to the next slide when I was introducing a new topic.Since my slide didn’t match with what I as presenting it made it a little confusing to the audience to what was talking about and it made it very distracting to myself because I would have to pause and click to the right slide and a most definitely a distraction to the audience because my speech wasn’t very flawless.

Another thing that disliked about my informative speech was that I was using too much ‘mum’ fillers for transitions or introducing an example to support my topic. I really need to work on having a flawless speech with hopefully least ‘mum’ fillers and not forget some of the words need to say.My classmate’s comments where pretty helpful because they give me some feed backs on how to improve my speech for next time and also things that were positive which shows that am improving day by day, speech by speech and that’s something to be praised for because it shows that I am learning and have more confident in myself to give a speech in front of people which is something I do not like. One of the comment that was mentioned by the majority of the classmates was that I talked to fast when I was presenting and that should slow down and enjoy giving the speech.

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And would say agree with them and its definitely something that I will work to improve for the next speech. Another comment was that I should smile more and try and use more body language to portray that am enjoying the topic and also to attract the audience’s attention. And again its definitely something I’ll be working for the next speech and be more confident when giving my speech.

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