Influence of Culture on Human Personality essay

Do you see a person’s reaction to something as separate from social experience or as a result of social experience? My thought is that person’s reaction to something can be the outcome of social expertise or separate from social experience depending upon the specific situation. I feel every person has a personality comprised of individual behaviors which, at times, are able to be influenced by cultural views and situations. Which one of the four positions of the nature of traits do you agree with most and why?

I agree with the behavioral characters position the most; this is due o the fact that I do believe exterior influences, influence ones personality and traits. On the other side, Neurophysiology Substrates state individuality traits are biological, don’t agree with this because this means that you have no command over the individual you are, and I have learned from experience that you can select to act and think a specific way in a specific situation.

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Compare and contrast your position against one of the other four positions of the nature of traits. The linguistic categories position, in contrast, would suggest traits don’t even exist outside of the mind and have no control on behavior at all . This position, would then imply that citizens have no individual traits and are just products of social communication and conversation which fails to identify human beings and their behaviors as unique.

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