Industrial harm the workers health then it

Industrial hygiene also includes evaluating the hazardous agents , such as physical, safety , chemical , biological and so on, in the industries that may cause distress and uneasiness, the goal of this association is to end up the risk due to hazardous agents and try to control these hazardous agents 7 .

The industrial hygienist investigate and analyzes , if the chemical can affect the persons health or not and if it is identified that particular chemical can harm the workers health then it is the responsibility of industrial hygienists to recommend the proper precaution. Industrial hygienist evaluated that engineering control, work practice control and administration control should be defined in order to protect the employees to industrial hazards 8. 2.

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OSHA and Industrial HygieneOSHA act of 1970 established some mandatory precautions in workplace in more than 5 million organization in USA. To establishing some compulsory precautions in order to evaluate what types preventions should implement to protect the employees. Industrial hygienists should provide proper precautions to control the health effects of workers.Approx. 40 % of OSHA , officers are industrial hygienists.

Industrial hygienists also play a major role in in investigating the toxic chemicals and harmful agents. Industrial hygienist has two roles, first is to analyze the hazardous conditions and second is to eliminate those conditions by providing some suitable measures


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