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Additionally, Bridgehead’s superior stated himself that he needed to find a use for the steel, but would prefer that steel rings contain deed to be manufactured until inventory levels ran out in the following four months.

This is ideal for Abridgment because he may have a couple of customers that are hesitant to bring about change to their companies, and will only use steel rings because of the untested capabilities of the plastic rings. This would not only move physical inventory, but would also increase customer satisfaction tit those particular customers.However, the pitfall here is that the customer may think that s/he is excluded from the plastic rings. They would have to understand upfront that it would be a transition process over to plastic rings while their confidence in them grew. However, I believe Abridgment can utilize the steel for a better cause. The public realm loves it when major corporations do things for the communities they serve; if Abridgment found a charitable use for the steel that he could publicize and market to his consumers, public opinion would go up.

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While he does not deal with the public directly, any sort of good publicity that he can bring to his company is desired. With profit margins for plastic rings being so high, Industrial Grinders can more than afford to offload the $93,000 worth of inventory via these means, within a year at the maximum. Even so, if only 10% of Industrial Grinder’s market would be receiving the option to buy plastic rings, it is reasonable to assume that a graduated scale of production hat coincides perfectly with the available steel inventory can be implemented.Abridgment should create a production schedule that follows this while being transparent to his customers. While it is possible that companies will begin noticing that they are not able to buy plastic rings, it is highly unlikely they would be upset and / or take their business elsewhere after they realize that it is simply just market testing. Companies should be able to understand this notion. This should alleviate the encore displayed by Bridgehead’s subordinates.

Announce to everyone that you will have new, more durable, plastic rings for sale by the New Year but plan on it happening by October 1 SST to make it seem as though they are better than initially thought. Switching over to plastic rings also helps with the production schedule of the plant; with the plant operating at only 70% capacity, profit margins will not be impacted too much by a lack of production because the margin is so incredibly high for a plastic ring.

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