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Individuality is expressed through unique behavior, also known as personality. Personality can be broken down into four perspectives, psychoanalytic, humanistic, social cognitive, and trait.Each perspective describes in details what helps compare and contrast individuals to one another. Personality theories go into further detail from the perspective. Assessing personality has been around from years, yet it is still questioned whether it is reliable. Psychoanalytic perspective describes the how the unconscious mind helps mold personality.

According to Sigmund Freud, this perspective thrives from early childhood experiences. Psychoanalytic perspective is beyond one’s control, because it derives from unspoken, unknown, and out of reach aspects of one’s life. For example, if a teacher calls on a student, but instaed of saying the students anme she calls her own child’s name. Freud would argue that the mother unconscious mind made her say her own child’s name instead of the student’s. Maybe she was supposed to tell her child something or do something for that child.

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