Individual consequences of lack of awareness in

Individual Report on Sustainability How is lack of awareness affecting sustainability throughout the world? Made by:- Hafsa Qamar 9C-B I chose this topic because sustainability is a major issue in our society nowadays. The government is trying to meet the needs of people without keeping in consideration the needs of our future generations. The utmost cause of this is lack of awareness in people as most of the people are illiterate and uneducated and are not aware of what they are doing. This lack of awareness in people is because of the inefficiency of the education system as the government is not providing enough chances for the children to study. The disabled children are not being given the right to attend schools even though education is a fundamental right of everyone.

Increase in population also serves as a reason as to why there is lack of awareness in people as when there are more people it is difficult to cater and offer them all the education facilities. The consequences of lack of knowledge in people is leading to the downfall of our community and is constituting a threat to sustainable development. People are wasting resources without even knowing how it is going to affect their future generations. It is important to be aware of the present and future consequences of lack of awareness in people.Around the globe Northern Ghana is a place in which convectional schools are limited and many people are deprived of even the basic education. Due to socio-economic challenges convectional schools are not able to make an impact in remote areas. Many of the NGOs are introducing basic education institutions that have been adjusted to reflect socio-economic realities.

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The UN children’s agency, UNICEF, said despite the efforts made by the Middle Eastern countries to expand education, more than 12 million children are not being educated. Yemen is one of the countries with only 6% of children receiving pre-primary education. This is while the ongoing military aggression by Saudi Arabia on Yemen has moved thousands of people which could further increase the number of dropouts in Arab country. South Sudan has the highest number of children forced out of school, at 51% followed by Nigeria 47% Sudan at 41% and Afghanistan at 40%.A great role of leadership in the society is played by awareness and education. Education and development have a very close connection between them. After more than five decades, in Pakistan a positive results not shown by the development indicators. Pakistan has a low education rate compared to other countries of the region.

There is a drastic shortage of teachers. The laboratories are not very well equipped and has poor quality. It is not able to meet the requirement of our present days.

Generally the schools are not doing quite well. The factor responsible for the present state is the critical need and poor quality of teachers, cheating in examinations and overcrowded classrooms (Economic Survey of Pakistan, 2002). This is being practiced in the vicinity of Pakistan steel mills- Pepri and Shah town areas, followed by Government Boys Primary school at Sabu Goth, GBP, and School Roiddin Baloch at Rabnawaz Goth, Mari Goth and Jabli Goth. It has also been reported that teachers and students were facing many difficulties as they had to spend time in such harsh environments. It has also been reported by BRSP an NGO that the conditions of schools in Balochistan are very severe and the funds allocated to Balochistan are not being spent on children but on the salaries of teachers but still the production was zero as most of the teachers remained absent. If the government focuses on educational infrastructure it can play an important role in raising literacy rate of population. Development budget allocation has been very low throughout for the social sector and it can be represented by budgetary allocation of Pakistan. In the locality of Lahore, many public schools don’t even provide the basic facilities including clean drinking water and proper infrastructure.

Many government schools only exist as paper and school buildings and in rural areas schools have been converted to drawing rooms for local land owners or are being used as cattle sheds while the children are forced to study under the tree or out in the open. Government Primary School, Hammad Colony is an example of this. It is situated in the heart of the provincial capital but still its infrastructure is beyond dilapidated. According to World Bank, as a result to these drastic conditions the parents who are poor and cannot send their schools to private schools have enrolled their children in madrassa as they are offered food and food and also impart religious education. There are many minor issues that grow because of lack of awareness. Due to lack of knowledge globally many farmers add chemical pesticides which has increased the productivity of land, however it has more negative impacts than positive .Due to these externalities there has been a lot of damage to agricultural land, fisheries, flora and fauna. Worldwide obesity is yet another problem caused by illiterate people as they are unaware of the disadvantages caused by it and hence it has more doubled since 1980.

65% of the world’s population lives in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.Moreover another minor issue is population growth which is exceeding rapidly and there are very less resources provided to the people by the government. But above all the most important barrier is the institutional system, lack of awareness.

It is the biggest problem and all the problems arise from this. If there would be an efficient education system and awareness for everyone the people can get knowledge and be answerable for their actions. Not only this by awareness people can understand human values and resolve crises such as equity and dignity. By doing so we can put down all the barriers restricting Sustainability.

To resolve the education crises and provide awareness to people on national level the government should invest more money in building schools. The countries should invest money on analyzing the number of trained teachers available and make ways for them to share their knowledge with children. Parents, government and Donors should join hands to raise more money so that more mechanism can be developed to teach the special and abnormal children. The fee of the schools should be reduced so that everyone can get quality education. The parents who can’t afford their children to go in private schools send their children in government schools so the quality of the government schools should be improved and be up to the mark so that our future generation understands the importance of sustainability. On the local level we can solve the education crises by giving poor people funds so they can educate their children. We can also help by giving our books to other children, and by sharing our knowledge with them.

We can also help by saving money and buying books for the underprivileged children as education is a fundamental right and hence everyone should have access to it. By this report I have learnt the importance of awareness in creating a sustainable society. From now on I am going to contribute to making a sustainable society by spending my free time teaching underprivileged children.

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