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>In a Business Environment, Why should People be Moral as Individuals? Morality in any business should be a must.

We as humans have morality instilled in us at a young age. If businesses are to grow and profit into healthy businesses morality has got to be one of its principle requirements. First of all let’s look at what morality is defined as. Morality is defined as a set of guidelines that govern a person’s actions, without them the world would be in anarchy (Webster).

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Ethics with morality establishes the rules and standards that govern the moral behavior of individuals and groups.It also distinguishes between right and wrong conducts. It involves honest consideration to underlying motive, to possible potential harm and to agree tit established values and rules. Businesses are composed of people some of whom are selfish, altruistic, avaricious, but most generous.

Business practices without morality also cause anarchy. Morality was definitely an issue when it came to the business practices of Maddox, Leman and Enron. These gentlemen misbehaved in the workplace due to their immoral behavior in a business environment.Because of their lack of morals in the business environment lots of employees lost their jobs, pension, and investors lost billions of dollars (killing v U. S. , 201 0). Families were also effected on a very argue scale. Ethical Egoism at its best, if the consequences are positive for the individual.

Deontological ethics, morality that the law is what it says it is, without question. These gentlemen knew that the practices of overstating revenues and hiding liabilities was wrong, legally and morally, but they chose this practice any. Ay, it was stealing (thou shall not steal). The teleological ethics stated that they had a duty to and a moral obligation to their stockholders and their employees. When their corporation because off large merger grew it was their duty to insure that the stockholders and employees infinite from the profits. Instead because of their poor business ethics they decided to be fraudulent. Enron never disclosed the risks which it should have to its investors, instead they made It look like they were it look as though it was good to invest.Moral objectivism is the position that certain acts are objectively right or wrong independent of an individual’s opinion (Solomon, & Higgins).

Moral objectivism supports the position that the Enron executives acted immoral. They knew that it was wrong to continue to take monies even though they were losing money and not share this with the hardliners, investors, employees etc. Ethical relativism is the theory that morality is relative to the norms of one’s culture (Webster). This shows that the executives had no morals or ethics for the society that we live in.The laws of morality are in place for a reason, if it had been k for the practices that Enron was dealing in then it would not have been immoral, by society standards, there would have been no scandal, then the immorality of it would not have been an issue. Which means the Enron executive not only went against morality but against society as well. Although Enron Went bankrupt ND disappeared ten years ago, because of their illegal and immoral business practices, the impact it made on the ethical standard never faded (McLean & Liked).The Enron scandal is one that left a deep scar on the face of what happens when you don’t have a moral business environment.

All businesses should be held accountable for their immoral practices due to the damage that it causes. Therefore, to avoid another Enron, companies should consider whether they have a healthy business culture, whether they have a well- written code of ethics and also follow the code, and whether the employers ND employees have enough knowledge about business ethics and this will ensure a morally equipped business.

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