Individual Project Healthcare Resource Allocation essay

The chosen methods are insures once reform and malpractice reform. 3 There are many options for an individual to pay for health care in the United S dates. Some of the options are selfsame, parliamentarians, Medicaid, and Medicare. M dedicate is a federally funded health program for the elderly and the disabled. Medicaid is a federally and state funded program for children and the elderly that cannot afford to pay of r the health insurance. Paying for health care insurance has become one of the biggest pr bobbles and issues in the United States.

There are some ways healthcare organizations are able to a absorb the rising cost of healthcare by acquiring other healthcare facilities, merging with other health hectare facilities and y diversifying the services provided. However, these actions have not lower d the gross domestic product costs across the board. (M. U. S. E. , 201 3) One of the ways that could be beneficial to cutting the gross domestic produce t percentage is Insurance reform. One major issue with the health insurance is the complete e lack of true regulations mandating the sufficient amount of coverage provided to individual alls seeking health care coverage.

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Due to the amount of health care coverage plans physicians an d healthcare facilities have an extremely difficult time trying to figure out the level of cover GE a patient may have and if the procedure needed is covered by the individual’s healthcare plan n. By trying to figure out coverage issues this raises the administrative cost for both the med kcal provider and the insurance provider. These cost are higher than any healthcare insurance s yester in the world.

Despite the rising cost of insurance, many computer manufacturers are make Eng money hand over fist providing new and improved healthcare systems and software for billing t o physicians and hospitals, yet administrative costs continue to rise and billing issues have not been fixed. (Hammond, 2009) 4 One of the most known model for insurance reform is the Health Insurance R form Simulation Model (HIRSH). The HIRSH model is a simulated model for insurance CE coverage, insurance cost and possible tax ramifications of healthcare insurance coverage e proposal expansions and other reforms to the health insurance industry.

The model co Elected national data from employers, employees and others not in the labor market to simulate chi choices of insurance providers, employers and individuals using current Insurance systems and mind epidurals using the reformed insurance. This allows for prediction of coverage types chosen and attention alternatives to the choices made. This model can also simulate the possible e effects the health insurance reform has on private insurance markets as well as public program s.

The model also looks at the current laws for the insurance industry before looking into the ins Uranus industry reform. This model gives some security in the knowledge of the insurance pro vided and possible insurance choices. If the insurance industry is regulated and some government NT controls put in place there will not be as much cost surrounding the industry. Insurance com pansies can still aka money however insurance reform would provide insurance to everyone and not just some of the population.

Many countries provide medical insurance to the citizens FRR e of charge therefore there is not a question of how the population’s healthcare will survive eve. Insurance should be a right not a privilege. Having a big screen television is a privilege, h avian an pad is a privilege, insurance of any kind should not be considered a privilege but a rig HTH. (Plumber, 2003) Although many in the United States government do not want/ agree Beamer to continue, the model is based on other countries that provide health insurance for all citizens.

For the first time in the history of the United States every citizen has health insure once and/or access 5 to health insurance. In addition to Beamer, employers have been Amanda De to provide insurance to all employees. This enables part-time employees to sign up for in us range through the employer as well as fulfillment employees. Insurance reform is extremely IM portent to the healthcare system. If the healthcare system is going to get any better insurance CE reform has to happen. Fieldstone, 201 1) An example would be that a patient does not have medical insurance and nee des medical insurance for health issues. Due to existing medical issues the patient cannot get medical coverage for the medical issues. Under the insurance reform, the patient woo old be able to get insurance right away with no waiting period and getting coverage for existing medical issues. Another important impact to healthcare reform is malpractice reform. Too oft physicians are sued for malpractice and the patient is given what seems to be an unlimited amount of money for damages.

There needs to be a cap on the amount of m none an individual can receive from a malpractice lawsuit. If the cost of malpractice insurance co tinges to rise due to the cost of the malpractice lawsuits brought against the physicians by the p tenants. The individuals that have argued against malpractice reform the most have been t he injured patients and the attorneys that have represented them. These individuals argue that if malpractice reform comes about then the injured patients will not have any protection against pH hassle’s negligence.

The physician’s argument for malpractice reform believe that the reform will lower the cost of healthcare since the physician’s will not have to pay the higher coos t of malpractice insurance. The physicians also believe that reform would also increase patient accessibility to healthcare services that otherwise would not be easily available. Since mammal cite reform is such a diverse issue that represents emotional issues as well as political issues the federal government 6 has tried to avoid addressing the issue of malpractice reform.

In order for ref arm to happen, the physicians and government officials need to come to an agreement on malls active reform. The reform has to happen at the federal level. There is no other way for the reform m to happen therefore the federal government needs to Step in and make reform happen. The physicians need come to an agreement where they change the way they charge for services. If these two things can happen then the reform will work. (Carpi, 2014) The Georgia legislature has come up with a potential bill that would take mall reactive lawsuits out of the courtroom and place it in the hands of a mediator commit e.

It would also reduce the cost of malpractice lawsuits, defensive medicine and the lack of juju stick for injured patients. This proposal would create a compensation system that would be ova arisen by an administrative board consisting of eleven members which would compose of an attorney, an accountant, hospital administrator, business leaders, patient advocates and p Hessians. The board would manage the compensation system of patients, hire/ employ staff members, adjustments to the physician contributions and the approval of compensation schedules.

The processes to resolve each patient’s claim would be reviewed by the administrative law judge e that would make sure that the process is in accordance with the law. This malpractice reform m Del would be based on the process and not the size of the malpractice lawsuit payout. Once e the claim is taken care of the data is then recorded and then the information is then shared as teach ins tool for healthcare professionals so that there may be lessons learned and not repeat De. The Georgia Malpractice Model would benefit patients, physicians and the healthcare field as a whole. Ukulele, 2013) 7 An example of malpractice reform would be a patient had surgery and the sure goon was to go in and take the right ovary but when the surgeon went in to remove the ova ray he/she noticed that the left ovary had a mass on it too so he/ she the took the left ovary as well. The surgeon tells the patient after the surgery that he/ she had to take both ovaries and not just the right ovary. In he scenario now the patient can sue the surgeon for an unlimited amount of money for the surgeon taking the left ovary however under the reform there would be a cap on the amount of money can be awarded for the malpractice lawsuit.

In conclusion, if there is to be changes made in the healthcare system then eve Renee must get on the same page so that the changes can be made. If patients want lower health insurance, healthcare cost and access to medical procedures faster the patients and the attorneys should agree to potential changes for the healthcare system. It is imperative that Chaw ones are made and n order for improvements to be made more people need to agree to the imp revetments instead of the greed from all sides. 8 References M. U. S. E. (2013). Financing Health Care.

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