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During his intensive data collection phase, it was determined what technology needed to be applied, practical installation and how to lessen the amount of downtime, while keeping all information as secure as possible, both during network implementation and afterwards. To accomplish this level of sophistication, an adequate network design that met all Judder Fine Foods goals was needed.

The Judder Fine Foods organization is comprised currently of three locations and their goal includes connecting all their locales so they can easily transfer and analyze human resource and customer data, while combining all their finest resources.In order to accomplish this, Judder Fine Foods will need to purchase equipment, to include routers, modems, computers and security software to protect the network. It will also be necessary to implement this new system, using the most up to date methods and techniques, so they can streamline all their current collaboration methods. This new system will allow them to save files and documents onto a new server, creating a centralized file system storage system, where only approved representatives are permitted.Having a centralized storage/ retrieval system, also helps to secure the information being shared across the outwork. This also creates efficiency as only the server needs to be backed up, as opposed to having to secure many individual and independent workstations. In addition to having a single server to store information securely, a network can also provide access to other assets and resources like printers and scanners.

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The level of collaboration, efficiency and security needed by Judder Fine Foods would best be achieved by using a star network layout.Whether it is a network at home or a network in a business, there are various commonalities that act as the building blocks of any system. All outworks have space that needs to be evaluated, equipment that needs to be installed and people that need to work the whole operation. Judder Fine Foods operates in a space that resembles a grocery store, with office space located either near the rear of the store and registers located near the front of the store. Information from these registers will need to be accessible to specific members of the administrative personnel.

The large coverage area of the network, the safety of customers and employees and the goal to minimize service interruption, will dictate how to proceed with hardware and injection. To best move forward with this project, it is important to understand all the options available in the way of networks. There are various types of networks to include Lana and WANTS. LANA stands for Local Area Network and is usually used to connect computers, printers, internet connections and much more. Lana also provide collaboration amongst those using the network by way of e-mail, video conferencing or chat capabilities.

Most Lana are comprised of a work station equipped with a desktop computer, but it could also be mobile in that a laptop or other portable device an connect. Each administrative member of Judder Fine Foods will have either a workstation or portable devices such as laptops, tablets or smartness with network access, depending on their roles and responsibilities within the organization. To save on cost, every Judder Fine Foods location will also be equipped with a laser printer that can be shared by anyone connecting to the network either portably or workstation.The most efficient method to create this network of devices for the sharing of information, is to provide a wireless connection to every Judder Fine Foods location. Equipment needed for this wireless net”/ark equipment to be effective is a network hard drive, a wireless router and a broadband modem. A detailed description of all this hardware follows.

All networks have an architecture that fits the needs of the organization installing it, and Judder Fine foods would be best operated with a two-tier, client-server architecture.This hierarchy consists of one end providing resources, the server and the other end expending those resources. One server will provide many services to many clients. The two layers in this two-tier system will have data access amputation for the server and a custom made user interface for the client applications.

Equally important for proper and efficient operation of the network is the appropriate network topology. The structure of the network cannot not be burdensome for the company employees, so the best structure for Judder Fine Foods is the Star topology.The star topology system has a central computer that branches out into the second tier of the system. The central computer will send messages to the rest of the workstations in the system. Some of the benefits of the star topology are that damages created y failures in the line are reduced because the star topology does not rebroadcasts all transmissions received from peripheral nodes, which is how bus networks work. A bus network would not be effective as it would cause problems in communications and complicated solutions to prevent them.Moving forward with this project, Judder Fine Foods would benefit greatly from a great data transfer rate and it is the goal to make this happen.

The transfer of information through compute is measured in bytes per second. Slower internet speeds of one to four Mbps are extremely frustrating and are o be avoided at all costs. The goal for Judder Fine Foods is to provide a network that can faster than fifty Mbps- Being that this is a professional organization, and that with any for profit company the faster the material is sent the better, it is our goal to provide Judder Fine Foods with the as much speed as possible.The goals of this project will be met with a two-tier, client- server network, with a topological star structure, working at maximum speeds of at least 50 Mbps. In addition to having an efficient system, it will be vital to provide Judder Fine Foods with a wormhole switching arrangement.

The dead of the packet arrives at the input, the first routing point will be used to locate the output port, so it can later be removed. If the output is not being used, then the packet will be sent to its end point.It may require for the packet to go through several crossbars at the same time, which is why it is called wormhole switching. If the port in question is busy, the packet will not pass and will be blocked. This is not a desirable situation, because it can cause jitter.

To provide the best possible experience, situations will have to be addressed on a case by case basis. The packet cannot continue to proceed n situations like this and will bring very negative results to the network. The packets may be received sporadically, but the hope is that these instances will be rare, discovered quickly and fixed permanently.To provide the best opportunity for efficiency and growth of Judder Fine Foods, a WAN network will also be installed. This will allow for the Judder Fine Foods Company to gather employee human resource information and better analyze such information to better plan and correspond with their staff.

In addition to in house improvements, the new network will also provide the necessary footwear to gather client/customer information to better track spending habits and needs so they can better serve their customer base.Judder Fine Foods is very interested in gathering as much customer information as possible, but it also wants to make the information useful and quickly at that. By providing the Judder Fine Foods Company with a WAN network, the information can be gathered, disseminated, analyzed and secured more efficiently. To determine success in this project, time will be needed to analyze the long term effects of the efficient gathering of information. Short ERM analyses can provide useful information after the system in the way of employee feedback.By selecting a variety of employees in their various positions, tweaks to the workflow can be made, as we gradually scale back all manual practices and methods of transferring information. In addition to gathering information from employees on how to best implement the system, it is true that proper security will rest on the ability to provide them with the most current security information and methods to follow. It will be crucial to protect customer data, and unfortunately, most data is lost due to nakedness in employee practice and company policy.

There will need to be an extensive training seminar conducted at a time and location set by Judder Fine Foods management that incorporates security methods into the new file sharing and collaborative techniques arriving with the new system. Items covered will be password security and strength, policies on the use of personal handheld devices as related to network connection, sharing sensitive data with anyone not approved to be on the network, downloading e-mail attachments or external links, to name a few. The Judder Fine F-oddsCompany is currently not on an intricate network, which will allow for the implementation of the new system simultaneously with their current setup. Currently there are various independent work stations in the individual store location administrator offices.

Desktop computers are hardwired to the network and they all have independent printers plugged in. Information is gathered mostly manually and transmitted through email service providers. Reports are prepared through the use of Microsoft products, where information is either called in or written down On prepared forms.Because he current methods to gather and disseminate data does not require heavy dependency on the network, we can avoid down time by allowing for the current system to continue in operation until the new network is completely implemented. Although providing an environment where two systems can be used at the same time will allow for Judder Fine Foods to continue to operate, it is also a confusing time that can lend itself to security breaches. It will be vital that all staff to keep aware of their environments to prevent the loss or theft of information while the system is being installed.Until the yester is fully secured, it would be best to refrain from plugging outside devices into the system, such as smartness, tablets or MPH players. Its not enough to install a new network that works consistently, efficiently and at a fast rate, also needed is a method to secure the sensitive data that will be passed through an intricate network comprised of cables, routers, switches and computers.

To process the data and to secure it, a wall of protection in the way of firewalls, strategies and policies will need to be established.The success of this project teeters within the balance of integration and security. We will now discuss the blueprint that describes the security tactics employed as we move toward full implementation. At the top of priority and needed quality to connect devices wirelessly to this network is a wireless router. This is the central hub where every other device on the network will connect to.

It provides access to the network and without it, no data will transfer, leaving all information trapped in workstations.For this reason wireless routers are also called gateways or access points. It’s a good thing to understand the function of a router in these various ways, as it alps describe what the true function of this important device is. The wireless router acts as the bridge that connects computers (or users) to the internet Although this device is called a wireless router, it is hard wired to the next hardware device needed to make the network effective. A wireless router must connect to broadband modem using an Ethernet cable.The broadband modem, also referred to as a data card, is the piece of hardware that connects to the wall and allows for a broadband connection instead of a telephone line. The speed available in telephone internet connections is no imprison to the speeds available through broadband.

A G broadband connection is capable of producing speeds of over kibitz/s. The amount of speed available to this network is vital to its efficiency and productivity. The speed although important, would be null if not for the highly crucial protection of information through the use of policies, hardware and software.It is estimated that most system and information breaches occur from within an organizations infrastructure.

Weak passwords, neglectful device management or unprotected access to outside networks are only but a few of the reasons security breaches occur. It is vital therefore, to ensure all employees at Judder Fine Foods receive the necessary training to prevent data exposure. Every employee will be required to provide log in credentials and access to certain areas will be provided on a need-to basis.In addition to teaching staff and employees the best methods and practices to protect the sensitive customer and employee data at Judder Fine Foods, antivirus software will need to be provided as well. The software needed to protect the network will have to provide some key components that will ensure hackers are unable to breach the system, but it must also be flexible.

To meet this end, the network will have three deployment options. One is appliance implementation which protects the network from within.The second is a cloud based deployment that provides protection anywhere from any mobile device at all times.

The third is a hybrid system which combines both methods. Also protected will be the endpoints. The individual workstations, servers, gateways or mobile devices can all benefit from data protection. Also provided will be remote access to the system by administrators and sophisticated real time alerts and regular reporting. A network is a very pesticides and intricate combination of technological devices and concepts that promote the quick and efficient transfer of data for effective collaboration.

When a network is implemented and installed correctly, anyone sharing in its resources will benefit greatly. Along with all the benefits accomplished through a network, there can also be a set of circumstances that can jeopardize the wellbeing of an organization and individuals alike. For that reason, the network installed at Judder Fine Foods must provide a fast efficient, cost effective and secure data transfer. By implementing the reminisces and techniques described in this paper, Judder Fine Foods can be assured of complete success and growth as it moves towards achieving its goals.In conclusion, the implementation of a network is a very intricate and difficult thing to do, but the level of dedication to a business is shown when an organization has moved forward with such an endeavor. This project has seen its share of challenges, many unique to the organization, but mostly those afflicting any entity wanting to implement a network. Judder Fine Foods decided on a two-tier, WAN enјark with a star topology’.

This will allow for al the system’s resources to be stored in a single location, which provides data to several individual workstations at various Judder Fine Food locations.In addition to improved collaboration, the star topology will assist in providing a simple approach to security, in that only the server needs constant protection. To protect individual systems from hackers, which could then infiltrate the server, employees will need to go through extensive security training. Also in progress is the implementation on security procedures which include, password protection, connecting personal devices to the outworks, email and outside network access from the Judder Fine Foods network and others.

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