Indian because the core infrastructure for sanctioning

Indian Government Services (IGS) is a user-friendly app which provides the details about
government services. It ensures that government services are available to people via mobile
technologies using devices such as mobile phones.
This project aims to bridge the gap between innovation and adoption of open government
services and to catalyse government services by empowering citizens to directly participate
in selection and delivery some of the government services in the form of mobile apps.
IGS developes an innovative and open technological framework to involve public into the
innovation process.It provides fast and easy access of government services to citizens
through mobile devices. It acts as a platform to easily maintain all services provided by the
government across the country and it provides better services to the citizens. IGS mainly
supports the government services like aadhaar services, educational services, agriculture
and rural services and passport.
This service has been developed because the core infrastructure for sanctioning enabling
the availability of public services through handheld devices. IGS app adds an external link
of a website in it, which opens in a new window, is envisaged to evolve as a one stop
solution to address all transactional procedures of the citizens with the government


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