India wanted their money for their children

India has a huge population. The people today are
literate and they are aware about most of the happenings in the world. Some
people knew about the laws and ethics but they are not bothered about it. Some
people will against the violence and they go, try to help but they won’t get
justice. Because common people don’t have any power or authority who will
support them. There is other category of people who doesn’t know any legal
rights. And also they don’t care about it.

Here are the Major 10 reasons for why they are not
complaining to any other authority about their problems.

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           “I don’t have
money to waste for this” most of the replies came like this. Most of the
parents wanted their money for their children and youth want their money to
enjoy their life so they don’t want to waste that money for filing the case. And
costs of lawyers are not affordable to poor people. So they don’t want to go
behind case.


The lengthy time of the entire
process, from lodging an FIR to getting justice can be a huge problem to
reporting such incidents. “I don’t want to waste my time for the small
compensation and go through the police bureaucracy or attempt to understand the
procedural demands of filing a report. It’s too tiring” said a 25 year old lady
when I asked about the reason about reporting legal rights problem. When people
complaint about some problems they have to go through so many procedures and
most of the youngest generations doesn’t like it because they don’t have the



              Many of the yielders are not even
aware about the laws. When I asked a 63 year old man about legal rights he
doesn’t knew about it all. And also he doesn’t want to go behind with the court
every day in his age.


their reputation

             “When I told an Auto Riksha driver
to take meter charge and asked him to give my money back, he said he won’t and
in front of other people he defamed me”

People are afraid about their
reputation. Because once it gone it will never come back again.


people don’t get represented

  “Once I went to a
lawyer for filing a case against a village officer for asking me bribe. But he
said, he won’t take the case because that village officer is helping him
personally. Some lawyers won’t take the case because the case may be small or
the victim may be poor or sometimes victim may be filing the complaint against
any prominent personality.


of filing a report

People get tired when they try to file a report. It
will take overlong procedures and several unwarranted questions like “You have
any proof in your hand?” “Was there anybody else with you?” That kind of
question they will ask .The victim barely understands the procedure, has to
bear leering comments from the cops, and is often blamed for the incident
occurring in the first place.

media support

       Media will only support if the case is
only a sensational or any controversy one. If the case is having any benefit
for them, they will support. They won’t support any small issues of common


has no trust in the court

                Without a valid proof no one
can win in court. Getting proof for every legal violation is not that much easy
task for people. “I don’t trust court. They never lend out fare decisions.”
Comment by 21 year old girl. People don’t trust court decisions completely. And
this is the major Problem for people not reporting any complaints.


in self

People mentality is the main problem behind not complaining their issues
to any higher authorities.

“I believe in myself but others may
think bad about me. So usually I will keep silent”


about legal authorities

             “Police officers are really
terrible sometimes. I didn’t face any such kind of situations in my real life.
But I’m really scared of higher authorities.” 18 year old boy commented. When I
asked these same questions many of the replies came like this.




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