India need to be strengthened through a

             Indiais a land of villages. Women are the source and resource of the country. Their contributionto development cannot be set aside without due consideration. The rural womenare encompassing with lots of problems.

These problems are multi-faceted,multi-factorial and multidimensional in nature. The economic capacity of therural women depends upon agriculture and allied activities. Ironically, ruralagriculture though possess strength in resources, still live on the mercy ofothers. The life of an average Indian rural woman is still governed by customs,habits, prejudices and unwritten codes of conduct.

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The legal equality of womenunder the constitution and their social privileges are all in papers only. Awoman is dependent on her parents before marriage, on her husband aftermarriage on her son in old age, for anything and everything. Though in theirpublic utterances, men praise the concept of equality and show concern that womenshould be able to avail of their constitutional and legal rights, yet at heartthey are the most conservative. Woman and men are equally important for thegrowth of individuals and society. When a women move forward, the family movesforward, the village moves forward and the entire nation moves forward.

Thestatus of women in rural India is a sort of paradox on one hand she is glorifiedas sharshi, on the other she is mutely suffering the violence afflicted on her byown family members. It is very important that women are to be developed andtheir capacities need to be strengthened through a process of impactingliteracy to than, educating them in the legal rights, health care, povertymitigation, participations in panchayat raj institutions and to achieve economicaffluence in the society. Women development is a process of awareness andcapacity building, leading to greater participation, greater decision makingand could. Therefore, this study attempts to analyse the role of self helpgroups and its impact on women development in Sivaganga district is undertakento bringout the real status of SHG members in the study area.


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