India cars by Indian citizens (Bhattacharya, 2016) for

Indiahas one of the fasting growing economies in the world and accomplishing adevelopment rate of 7.5% for each year.

The nation is working hard to transformtheir country over the next few decades (Singh, 2016). India has thepopulation of 1.3 million and the population is divided into urban and ruralaccording to states. According to ICE 360° survey one in two households owns abicycle, one in three owns a two-wheeler, and one in 10 owns cars by Indiancitizens (Bhattacharya, 2016) for the survey see(Appendix A).

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 1.1 Growth of Private Vehicles Thegrowth of the vehicles has been faster than the population of India. In 2001there was 55 million of vehicles were registred and the number incresed to 142million by 2011. The estimation of 2016 is 195.

6 million. The ratio of  two-wheeler owners are higher than the cars. Apporximately75% (147 million) of these vehicles registration are motorcycles. Per millionpopulation of India’s registration of vehicles is increased by 219%, whereas124% per million registration of vehicles are enrolled by urban economy. Indiais a big country around 63% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) iscontributed by the non-urban population where as only 30% lives in urban areas.Rapidly demand of private vehicles leads to many challenges in India (AppendixB) shows the current problems faced by Indian economy (Singh, 2016).1.

2 Senior Citzen DiscountTheIndian government has launched senior ctizen card with various benifits anddifferent plans. An identity card called Senior Citizen ID Card and help oldpeople to avail facilities like various tax benefits, travel and health care facilitiesand so on. It plays essential part for poor people and under-privileged seniorresidents (Senior Citizen Identity Card, n.d.).

Withsenior ctizen card, senior ctizens are enable to get various discounts intravelling fares. Table below illustrate the benefits for senior citizens in India


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