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Inthe world of natural sciences and social sciences, quantitative research isdefined as the systematic analytical study of observable phenomena using ofstatistics, mathematics or computation.

That is, emphasising on the analysis ofdata using those techniques and these data are normally extracted throughquestionnaires, polls and surveys or by working with pre-existing collectedfigures by means of computational techniques. These are most commonly used toquantify behaviours, responses, moods or attitudes to simplify results from alarger part of the population. Quantitativeresearch is used to assess the success of a specific intervention. Aquantitative study used to explore the attitude and the understanding towardsevidence-based practice of OT students in Ireland used a questionnaire as amethod of collecting data.

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The results show that all students formed a clearunderstanding of what evidence-based practice is and that they are willing toapply this to practice.  The findingsalso showed that over half the students found it difficult to find evidence. Italso shows that students preferred using textbooks and internet to find theirevidence.  The advantage of usingquestionnaires is that large amounts of information can be collected from avariety of people, for example in this study the questionnaires could be usedto collect data from many students without many mistakes being made. Anotherpositive effect of using questionnaire to collect information is that thefindings can be easily quantified.

However, on the other side the disadvantageof using this method to collect quantitative data is that some people may notanswer the questions truthfully which means that the results will not be asaccurate.  Anexample of quantitative methods used in clinical practice is a randomizedcontrol trial of occupational therapy in patient’s treatment resistantschizophrenia the objective of this randomized control trial is to explore isoccupational therapy is successful when combined with psychopharmacological treatmentin treatment resistant schizophrenia, it involved two groups of patients. Onegroup had occupational therapy session with clozapine and the second group onlyhad clozapine. This study was carried out over a 6-month period.

The findingswere that the group that has clozapine and occupational therapy sessionsbenefited more than the group which one had clozapine. The advantage of using arandomized control trial to carry out this investigation is that this type ofmethod can notify clinicians which treatments are successful in practice andwhich are not working effectively.  Thedisadvantage of this particular randomized control trial is the trial time waslong which could have resulted in the loss of relevance, this could be becauseby the time it is published practice may have moved on.  


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