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In today’s generation, people’s lifestyles and also gender roles have changed significantly. We now frequently hear about men staying at home doing house work and taking care of the children, while the women work outside home. Despite the fact that it is becoming more and more accepted, the influence of women educating and taking care of their children cannot be dismissed.

In other words, women are better parents than men. From when they are teenage girls, they have to adapt to cooking and taking care of children. They are given household tasks and have to be able to raise children, so that they are able to be good mothers in the future.For instance fathers may form deep loving relationship with their children, but they may not be able to match the intense closeness shared by the mother and child because a mother shares an irreplaceable connection with her children. Possibly because this affair begins during the nine months of the pregnancy or it is boosted by the act of breastfeeding as a study shows that breastfeeding is a splendid time for a mother and her child to build an extraordinary relationship. Whatever the matter, there usually occurs to be a long-lasting relationship between the two.

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In addition, women are more caring and forgiving by nature compared to men. They are able to understand the needs, actions and the behaviour of children better. They usually are able to read non-verbal gestures within human behaviour, which can alert to issues or problems in the child’s life. Even though the father is seen as the head of the household and is thought to work more and make more money does not mean that that approach will raise a good child. A good relationship and understanding between the parent and the child is what will be influential toward the child. A mother also sculpts their child socially.

They are also known for their good food, cleanliness and the attention to details.In fact, women are more cautious than men, as this counts as an advantage to better parenting. The father is much more stricter and much serious that the children would not dare to express their emotions in their presence. Women are more emotional and express their emotions more, their children will find it easier to expose their feelings and they will become more open towards their mother, because of this the relation between the mother and child will become stronger and more secure.

Lastly, women sacrifice more for their child compared to men. A child is then regarded as a daily routine because they need to be given the daily care and attention that is needed to child rearing In conclusion, both parents are most definitely able to care for their children, the mother usually make the better parent, even though men do try to be around more frequent or be better househusbands, the will still be outweighed by mothers in relations to nurturing a child.


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