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In today’s era online shopping began to experience a tremendous growth because it provides wider variety of products and more information about that products Some researcher claim that online shopping is a convenient way by which consumer can directly buy products from the seller by using internet while others claim that there are some disadvantages of online shopping which cannot be neglected.

Pro- Consumers can buy any time of the day because it provides their service 24/7 these services are accessible to anybody for the duration of the day but store shopping provides limits hours for shopping ,,,,,,,,,,,Analysis- I am totally agree with this researcher there was a time when online shopping was not popular as it is today but nowadays online shopping is considered one of the best methods for shopping because it allows only one click to buy something. According to me in this fast pace world everybody is busy in his or her own work they expect their work done very fast sometimes they do not have time to do in store shopping because many people get free from work late night at night stores are close then they have to wait for next day but people can get only their good and services in late night by ordering online by sitting their home in one click by this they can save their time and use their time on some other useful activities. Con- on the other hand online shopping not provide them a way by which they can try, touch or smell the products that they want .

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some of the time because of this they get wrong products they order like


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