In but it also affected the teens more

In today’s digital world mobile is playing a very important role to connect the people from one place to another place. Mobile helps to connect rural areas to urban areas. Mobile makes people smart when they are using smartphones in their hand.

In Smartphones have various features that not having in old phones, we can download many of the apps from play store and do online shopping and just dial is an app at where workers are available who can fix any type of repair near your locality and Bhimmapp is also an example of transaction of money within a second.Mobile is very in every way but it also affected the teens more because they are very much addicted to using mobile phones rather than playing outdoor games and they are very much interested to connect with social networking sites it affected the children mind badly due to these reasons most of the children are suffered from anxiety, stress, loneliness and addicted to bad habits and lack of concentration on their studies and deny, or disrespect their parents, teachers, and elders.So, In my opinion, parents should take care of their children’s that they should not use mobile every time and not be connecting with any kind of social sites which demoralized the children and lack of concentration. parents should give mobile phones there when they need to talk to someone otherwise they have to take care of their wards that they should not so much be addicted to this phone.

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Teens should know what is the importance of phone and it’s for adult one not for children’s so, they should stay away from this addiction.


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