In at highers plus two standard grades

In this report as a student for the HNC Care and Administration for Dundee and Angus College, of which the course serves as a route for a Nursing Degree in few Universities in Scotland. The report will be looking at comparing the nursing codes and the social work code.

In to get a better understanding of each profession will have look at the qualifications that are needed for one to train and a nurse or social worker which are listed below:
Nursing BSC Degree and Social Work BSC(Hons) will be based on information according to online prospectus, (2018) for University of Dundee website entry requirements.
1.Professional Education
1.1 Nursing BSC Degree
SQA Higher/Advanced BCC at highers plus two standard grades at 3 across 5 different subjects.
SWAP Access – A total of 18 credits with 14 at higher level.
SQA High National – An HNC with C in the graded unit plus standard grade Maths 3 / National 5 Maths C or an accepted equivalent.
Access to Nursing
Other Qualifications – University of Dundee Access Programme.
Nursing degree is three years full time course.

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1.2 Social Work BA (Hons) Degree
SQA Higher / Advanced Higher – BBB/BBCC – ABB/BBBC at higher
GCE A-Level – AB/CCC at A-Level
SQA Higher NAtional – A relevant HNC with B in the graded unit plus standard grade at 2
Other Qualifications – Relevant Access are considered individually.
Social Worker degree is four years full time course.
Note: for more of the university of dundee entry requirements, you can have a look at the online prospectus (2018).

1.3 In comparing nursing degree and social work degree both from the University of Dundee whereby nursing is a three year degree and social work is four year. The two are full time degrees.

2. Registration / Revalidation
2.1 Nursing – newly qualified nurses have to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) before their are able to practice. Once the newly qualified register they have to wait for their pin to come through, this is so that they can get on the nurses register. The NMC is the body that governances the nurses to practice in the United Kingdom. The nurses have to renew their registration every year for a fee of £120 with the NMC. Once the registration expires nurses are not permitted to practice by law and according to the standards set by the NMC.

They will have to wait until they renew their yearly membership. The NMC is also there to discipline and nurses and midwives that do not comply with the guidelines and those break the codes of conduct. Nurses that are not fit for practice will be placed on a different register and can be investigated or struck off as a nurse or midwife.

Revalidation – every registered nurse have to to do revalidation every three and one needs to have about 2300 hours of practice. This is to evidence that nurses can continue professional development. According to the NMC (2008), it states that medicines, treatment and equipment are continuously changing so it is important for nurses to revalidate every three years. This is so that they keep up to date with all the changes happening in the field.

2.2 Social Worker – all social service worker in Scotland register through the Scottish Social Services Council, (SSSC). This is the body that set out the national standards for its workers. Social worker pay a fee of £35 a year and only need 1500 hours of practice to renew their registration. The SSSC is the body that is responsible for discipline those social workers who are found not complying with guidelines that the body set out. The body can investigate any possibilities of wrongdoing of the social worker and can be struck off at the same time if found guilty.

Revalidation – social worker have what is known a Post registration training and learning (PRTL) which is ongoing learning and development. According to the SSSC website (2018), “Maintaining and developing effective knowledge, skills and values will help one deliver good practice when working with people who use the services and their families.”

2.3 Both nursing is the NMC and social work is the SSSC governing bodies that set out their standards of practice. They both have to pay registration fees, but the NMC which is the body for the nurses have a higher fee for the nurses which is £120 as compared to £35 a year for social work.

Social worker have an ongoing training which is known as the PRTL, which is a learning and development. Nurses have to revalidate every three years to keep up with the changes and updating their skills. Nursing requires more hours of practice when revalidating which is 2300 hours and social work is only require 1500 hours.

3. Codes of Conduct

3.1 Nursing- This is according to the NMC website (2018). The codes of conduct are as follows:-

Promote professionalism by keeping to all the codes, which includes confidentiality that means they can not discuss their work with family or friends or outside their work. They are trusted to keep and to uphold the standards and values set out in the code. Keep to the laws of the country in which you are practising.
Preserve safety of the public and the patients they look after.
Practice effectively in all areas of their profession and being able to communicate effectively in the english language.
Prioritise people which is treating all people equally and upholding their human rights. Their also have the duty to care and to report and form of abuse, if they come across it.

3.2 The SSSC codes set out the standards that social workers are expected to meet.

It set out the responsibility of the social workers
It is there to protect those that use the service and their families.
The social workers to reflect on their current practice and identify areas of continual development.
It is there to discipline those that do not comply with the codes of conduct.

4. Ethical behaviour and professional boundaries

4.1 Nursing

4.2 Social worker –

4.3 Nurses and social workers have to keep a clear professional boundaries with patients under their care, study moose (2018).


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