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In this paper we are going to thoroughly discuss about the roles of a monarch and a president. The reason for choosing this particular topic was that it takes into account the distinctive nature of the Head of States in different parts of the world.

Some countries are ruled by the monarch while the others are governed and represented by the President or Republic, whereby elected representatives hold the public offices and possess supreme power over all the others legislative policies, executive powers and judicial functions. An example of which could be United States of America that is ruled by the Presidential system. On the contrary, Saudi Arabia is an example of a country that is ruled by a monarchy.

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Although, people know that they are different, only a few can tell precisely as to how and why they are different. For that reason, we are going to look into this matter by analyzing the differences through the spheres of power structures, tenure and legislation. We will try to cover every aspect this topic entails and analyze it to the best of our abilities.


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