In in the educational systems of urban

In this essay, I will be analyzing the work of Jonathan Kozol, specifically his writing piece “Still Separate, Still Unequal” where he discusses and disputes the enormous gaps of race and financial support in the educational systems of urban city schools by comparing them to schools filled predominantly with Caucasian students in the suburbs of these cities. He touches on the symptoms that have been caused by the segregation of these schools and the effects it has had on the children as well. I believe that Kozol is motivated by the needs of these children as they have spent their entire academic lives being isolated and robbed of privileges other students have all because they don’t share the same race.

While he touches on these subjects he reveals who his article is directed to, his calls for help could be interpreted as a search for those who have the ability to enact change through school reform like politicians and lawmakers, but I also believe he is speaking to those who are interested in the state of children’s educational system.

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