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In this assignment task, I will be talking about my learning about “Business in Action” including my involvement and interaction with what I have studied also my point of view about the overall learning experience and modules relevance regarding the business world. Business in action is uniquely positioned to help today’s students to become tomorrow’s focused and highly productive business professionals. Personally, I learned many important and interesting objects in this module moreover, it is the only module that emphasizes efficient, focused, objectives-driven learning in every aspect, and what I really admire is when it comes to learning it enables me to learn both in and out of the classroom which is faced in real life and this opens doors for me to a lot of opportunities to achieve better prospects in my career growth. At the heart of understanding, learning, discovering many topics and exploring new ideas in this module, it is a way I process my learning experience.

This module introduces major helpful points, gain many objectives and absorb very important topics such as “Customer communication” “teamwork” and “Distribution and marketing logistics” etc… As a key approach for a sustainable future starting firstly with “Customer Communication” personally, I think that communication is a very important tool to any kind of business and to win the customers trust, and to have someone’s attention is not easy furthermore, dealing with purchasers communication is essential, whether it is face-to-face, over the phone, via email or, increasingly, through online channels and (social media). Customer service attempts are prepared to ensure the prompt and effective delivery of quality products and services to the customers, as well as the successful recovery from any service-concerning issues that may arise, here is some the interesting points I have learned and discovered when facing a problem: ” a- what to say (message strategy), b- How to say it (creative strategy), c- who should say it (message source)” and these points are to achieve the desired response requires solving problems, moving-one to the challenges.

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Talking about its Advertising appeal, it is a creative tactic planned to catch the audience’s attention and encourage preference for the company or product being announced: “Logic, Emotion, Humor, Celebrity, Music, and Scarcity”. Personally I have learned that Communicating effectively in customer service conditions can include a number of challenges, and those in these parts require ready access to up-to-date and dependable information about the organisation’s products, services and policies they also need to know what level of power they have to meet customer demands and resolve issues and sometimes they are incapable to please customer requests due to organization strategies and this can be a difficult and stressful part of the job In addition, as customer service carry on to be an important feature of just about every business, and as businesses become more competitive buyers are coming to look for ever higher levels of service that organizations should be prepared to transfer. Moving on to the second topic which is “Team-work” this topic is used a lot when it comes to a group work such as (assignments – presentations- group work..) also when in it comes to all of the kind of businesses in different companies where they work together in big projects etc… here is some the important points that I have discover and should be required in order to have a successful team work; Communication is open, truthful, and respectful.The team understand their main goals.Taking reasonable risks and adventures.

The group members have a powerful relationship with the group.The team is capable to permanently examine itself.The team members has incurred transactions and deals for analysing, diagnosing, and fixing teamwork issues and conflicts.Participative leadership is an expert in leading meetings, allocating tasks, taking down decisions and commitments.

Members of the group work on high-quality resolutions with each other and have the support of the team to carry out the commitment made.To conclude all these points; For me, various people with several life experiences, several work experiences, even different cultures and different degrees of success also they are dealing with previous teams and the achievement of previous team missions converge around a new delegation and a new mission moreover, their goals are the same even if the team members are different, because the main principle idea is to work as powerful team.Moving on to “Marketing logistics”, To maintain a firm’s competitive edge signifies a comprehension and implementing a successful marketing logistics strategy concerning product, price, place, and promotion, these four functions of marketing logistics support the firm to reach the prey customers and bring the goods, services or products put up for sale by the corporation to these customers. Firstly, starting with the “product delivery” it is one function of logistics marketing is discovering out; who is your customer also how to obtain the product or service to the customer. Furthermore, each client can possess individualized needs so the logistical services supplied may be different from customer to customer, nevertheless of these variations, the purchasers anticipated the conformance and certain reliability at all times with every business deal, moreover, the purpose of this feature of marketing logistics contain filling the order, on-time conveyance, the exact invoicing and finally zero damage. Secondly “The Price” a firm principles pricing resolution on both internal and external elements. Marketing logistics should identify the price drivers, the profile of the clients, the kind (type) of the request are elements that drive the price, in addition, these changes are not typically planned by marketing logistics.

Nonetheless, marketing logistics should behave to these elements and recognize how the factors affects customer’s resolutions and intentions. Moreover, reductions in the amounts and regarding logistical price framework can affect the price that the customer will eventually pay for the service and product. Extra elements leading price to incorporate the shipping selling price that based on the weight, size, and the distance the firm will ship the object also the size of the manufacturing labour costs, run, and the types, quantities and standard of the materials applied in the manufacturing procedure that can affect the price. Thirdly “The Promotion” which is also another important feature of a firm’s marketing logistics procedure, in addition, when conducting a product to market, the company should harmonize the logistics of the different marketing materials, to give an example; the art department may plan the artwork for the product’s box and an outside provider may also produce the boxes with the artwork.

To conclude marketing logistics could assist to make sure that all of these structures produce the marketing materials required to sell the product. Fourthly, which is the last one “The Price” the firm should perform logistics in a method that the customer is not conscious of the problem implicated in the logistics process and for the customer, the production is constantly more significant than the process also, the location of the factory, repository, and the client can extremely affect the marketing logistics procedure by raising or decreasing market prices. In conclusion, studying all these topics have helped me a lot to grasp a lot of information, knowledge and skills acquired through my education. Actually, it was my goal to acquire as much knowledge as I can because it generally leads me to a satisfaction in my life that gives me the power and the confidence, also developing my skills, abilities and attitudes to gain those distinctive advantages. Furthermore, some topics such as “Qualities of an entrepreneur”, “Problem solving” and “The unexpected success”… allows me to learn certain characteristics about myself all which they could not acquire from books, without going through the motions and experiences, and for me a person would never be able to acquire this information without accomplishing it and going through a lot of experiences by themselves.

And of course “The More education means the more power”. Recently we can see that the importance of the learning in an organizational-context is growing hugely and rapidly as well, learn is the primary key components of an association that desires continue to exist in the economic modern world and focused condition and therefore, the associations must be prepared that individuals through continually learning for business changes, and to be able to adjust with conditions changes and difficulties moderns but must have the capacity to institutionalize learning inside the association to be specific, progress toward becoming a learning association furthermore, learning associations are capable and powerful associations that their establishment depend on learning and the greatest approach to progress performance over the long run, consider learning.Here is some of the important tools I already possess and have acquired many skills from it such as having good inter-personal skills, I have excellent communication, hardworking, I had plenty of work experiences and finally, I am good with public speaking… Moreover, for what I am willing to achieve is to decide an idea that I am happy and satisfied to work with, to be more organize at work, show off the skills I have learned throughout the course, having positive and supportive people in my life, have more knowledge in general (every topic) and finally for the future is to have a posting for a job that matches my skill sets perfectly. However, here is some the points that affects me and I should control it; I cannot focus in the class for a long time, leaving the work until the last hours, sometimes I am too shy to put my ideas across if I am not sure about it, rush tasks when under pressure causing them to not be the best of my ability, dis-organised and will often leave things until they have to be done, taking too much time while thinking, and finally, I am not always the most creative thinker when it comes to suggestions.

But despite that, I am prepared to learn more from my experiences that are coming and I am ready to be in a higher-level, and these negative and positive points that I mentioned will definitely allow me to develop and organize a career path which makes the most of my capabilities and talents in the future.


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