In field interacting with a ?-type three-level

In this article, the entropy behaviors of the field interacting with a ?-type three-level atom, are discussed,where the Hamiltonian of the field is performed based on the Caldirola-Kanai (CK) damping Hamiltonian.

After obtaining the final form of the wave function. The statistical properties of the field with the help ofthe quasiprobability distribution function Q is analyzed. It is noted that the Q function splits into two peakswhen the atom is initially in upper-level. Also, with the assistance of the atomic population inversion, thephenomenon of revivals and collapses is observed. In addition to that, the evolution characteristics of thefidelity of quantum information for a system is investigated. To get more general insight about the interactionstatus, the influence of the damping parameter on the dynamics of a system is studied.

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It is shown that viachanging the damping parameter, one can tune the degree of entanglement and other nonclassicality features.


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