In the first groups of Nuer secessionist rebels

In the western upper Nile, Sudan civil war lasted for seventeen years and can be separated into four fundamental stage. In 1981-83 the pre-war start immediately and it was marked by the first stage of civil war.

This took place when the first groups of Nuer secessionist rebels begin to prepare within the upper Nile. At first they were controlling independently and these group that were operating known as Anyanya 11 movement after joining the single mass. Southern secessionist is where the name Anyanya adopted and it’s the only one that fought against the government during the south Sudan first civil war (1955-72).

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The SPLA risen as an effective multi-ethnic battling constrain in combat and all of this took place during the second stage of civil war in 1981-91. The Sudanese army together with different government were co-operating in supporting each other in all direction, northern and southern. They also support the body of citizens enrolled for military service in counting distance fragments of the Anyanya II. The SPLA experienced major military progresses agents the national government in time of this organize of support each other.

At the same as inconsistencies within the development they were pulling apart in order to be separated from inside. In 1997 a peace agreement were marked formally and during this third stage a proper understanding took place with Marchar’s 1991 coup. This stage were dominated by rapidly south-on-south violence. Military commander and a challenger in southern military started to fight with one another in a way of turning their weapons against each other. This happen in whole civilian populations.

The violence was more serious in a way that no one can control it. People in lofty position try to solve the issues with small thought that will bring longer-term results.


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