In parent anymore. I wouldn’t want someone to

In The Undercover Parent Harlan Coben argues if parents should put spyware on teens computers. The author is supporting the idea that spyware is a way of protecting kids from the dangers of the internet.

He is trying to convince the parents should put spyware on their computers. There are parental blocks but those don’t work often because kids know how to turn it off. Some parents may not like it but it is a good way of protecting them.The first reason i agree with the author is is spyware can protect teens from getting cyberbullied. It can also protect them from drugs pornography and other harmful stuff on the internet. The kids could be giving out personal information out.

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If any of this stuff ever happens the parent can confront the child about.If parents were too put spyware on a teens computer they may not trust the parent anymore. I wouldn’t want someone to put spyware on my computer. So why would i do it too someone else. Parents should teach their kids safety on the internet.

Parents should trust their kids on the internet. Teens should have some freedom on the internet.


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