In affect characters psychologically, ultimately leads to

In the tragic Shakespearean play Hamlet the play calls into question the usefulness of revenge rather than fulfilling the audience’s bloodlust. Revenge is a constant theme throughout the play. The themes of revenge in this play shows to affect characters psychologically, ultimately leads to the tragic and delayed death of characters, and how the desire for vengeance ultimately corrupts the revenger.

In this play each murder is answered with another murder and it is clear that corruption serves its purpose in its play thanks to its friend, revenge.When the ghost of King Hamlet greeted his son with the need of vengeance of his murder to be taken prince hamlet was faced with an internal battle. Prince Hamlet was take revenge on his uncle Claudius for killing the King and marrying the prince’s widowed mother. Hamlet was already in an unfortunate situation, he is air to a throne that should be his already, son to a mother he no longer trusts, and nephew to the man who is believed to have killed his father. “To be, or not to be” Hamlet contemplated his own suicide to end this mental torture he was living in. Hamlet wanted to make Claudius feel guilt and leave before Hamlet had to speed up the inevitable

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