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In the short story “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov, Ivan and his wife Masha are imagining what their lives would be like if they won the lottery. Further into the story, they realize that they had changing attitudes toward their family and each other. Finding out they didn’t win left them feeling resentful of each other. The story starts with Ivan looking in the newspaper at the lottery draw because he had nothing to do.

He looks through the newspaper at the lottery draw, even though he usually doesn’t. He says in the story that he doesn’t believe in lottery luck. Masha tells Ivan what the number is and he looks at the newspaper. To their surprise, the number is correct. Ivan begins to imagine what he would do with the $75000 prize if they won. He imagined himself spending $25,000 on property, $10,000 on new furnishing, traveling, and paying debts, then he would but $40,000in the bank.

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He imagined how nice it would be to travel in late autumn to Italy, India and France. After this, he realizes that the lottery ticket wasn’t his it was Masha’s. Masha had her own thoughts about what she would do with the money. She thinks about buying an estate and traveling. She says this out loud to Ivan and tells him to look at the ticket.

Instead of looking at the ticket, Ivan walked out of the room and started to think about what Masha was thinking about doing with the money. Ivan imagines her traveling alone. He imagines her on the train sighing over something, complaining that the train was giving her a headache,


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