In different kinds of establishments uses computers as

In the present times were now in the era of modernization and one of the examples of the technologies that has been made is the computer. A computer now a days not only focuses in the line business, politics, education, and economics. It also places a major role in terms of religion.

Just like the religion of Methodist Christian. Computers are used to record information, stored date and maintain information about the people that involves the institution. Computers processes are readily available to keep tracks of records, to right data and information to add or delete records and many more. As for now a days different kinds of establishments uses computers as part of their everyday operation.Record management for religions is also a sector affects by the influence of the computers because of the modern technology now a days. In addition for that, Methodist equips computer facilities that are very essential in an organization to use.

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This system helped other areas that involves in the institution by shifting the manual process of their task to automate processing, from manual records to computerize. And for that, the proponents have decided to develop a membership record management system that will help the said locale.


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