In lake alone. He then killed her.

In the poem,Beowulf,the reader is told about the many characteristics of Beowulf. He is tested with obstacles and either had to overcome them or be defeated. He shows loyalty, bravery, superhuman strength.Beowulf shows his loyalty by volunteering to kill and fight Grendel. He also wants revenge on Grendel’s mother after she killed his friend Hrothgar. He tracked her down to the lake alone. He then killed her. While watching the lake, he also tells his men to wait outside as he goes in.

In other means, Beowulf shows great bravery. He travels to the land of Danes to prove his courage by destroying Grendel. Beowulf also pursues Grendel’s mother into her underwater lair. While he told his men to wait outside, when he enters the dragon’s lair. He then enters and is killed by the dragon, after he protected his homeland.

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Now, I am going to tell the reader about his superhuman strength. Beowulf, while encountering Grendel, rips his arm off with his bare hands. Another way he showed the reader his strength is by lifting the giant-forged sword in Grendel’s mother’s lair. Beowulf single-handedly tossed Grendel’s head as the


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