In newly admired music and dance moves. Parties

In the novel The Great Gatsby, is the Jazz Age is portrayed through the characters, their lifestyles and society in general. These reflects the way how things were doing done in this time period.

„Jay Gatsby is a great example of the Jazz Age ‚image'” (Rothstein, 2016). Also, another changes came in women’s behaviour and dressing habits. A key role in the composition of the Jazz Age in Great Gatsby have is wealth and fortune.

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The Jazz Age has its name because in this time period Jazz music became the main feature of the most people. „Music had an important role in nearly everybody’s lives” (Rothstein, 2016). „The term Jazz Age surrounds the period of American history during the 1920’s” (Rothstein, 2016). The culture itself inspired authors such as Fitzgerald to described it in their novels. We can say that Great Gatsby is based on the Jazz Age. Most people were conceited, careless, inhuman and confident, and all of the Gatsby’s parties encouraged this behaviour.

Jay used this these parties for his own advantage by showing newly admired music and dance moves. Parties were always on the high quality and also often organized. The music had a main role on in the parties, because everybody wanted to have fun. „The lights grow brighter as the earth moves away from the sun, and now the orchestra is playing yellow coctail music. The voices are louder and higher, and laughter is easier minute by minute.

Suddenly a girl dances out alone on the lawn, and the party has begun.” (Ch.3, p.20). Also there were lots of alcohol, which helped them to felt feel wild and everybody liked to dance. „There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens, men and girls came and went like night-flying insects among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” (Ch.

3, p.20). Another defining trait of the Jazz Age was that women refused to give up their independence from and jobs they gained during the war. They were equal to men and they had the right to vote. Thanks to this freedom that they were given, they became more spontaneous and careless.

Women were more open to men, their sympathy and also more open to smoked smoking and drank in public (Rothstein, 2016). „’Please don’t.’ She looked at Gatsby. ‘There, Jay,’ she said, but her hand was trembling as she tried to light a cigarette. Suddenly she threw the cigarette on the carpet.” (Ch.7, p.65).


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