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In the modern age, the introduction of modern technology gadgets has captured the attention of global population. People are dependent on the technological gadgets and the services that it provides them that they forget the main goal on what the focus of life should be. That is without question to think a step forward to develop and mature themselves. The way these people are depending on technology has become a known addiction of the tech devices and its features. Not to mention the most fragile and vulnerable group among the population, who have a higher chance to get addicted to technology, is the “Youth”.Individuals have an easier and common way of communicating with each other and that is through the mobile phones.

These phones have somewhat branded themselves when they were first introduced to the market. People were so hyped up that they had to buy “the smartphone” all because this device was seen as a status symbol. This device also created and brought out the worse in some parts of society itself.

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Teenagers are the ones who suffer from the “disease” known as boredom. Once they get that feeling, they immediately resort to instant connection on the internet. They tent to seek out entertainment and avoid the boredom at all cost.

For them, cell phones are should be used for entertainment, information and social connectivity. It has been demonstrated that individuals with low self-esteem use cell phones to form and maintain social relationships.They form an attachment with cell phones which molded their mind that they cannot function without their cell phone on a day to-day basis.

The gadgets are handy; they help us connect to each other, they make us learn new things and discover new things. The reason why computer technologies are invented is to help make people’s life more comfortable and to improve their way of life. In some cases the gadgets make lives better. Let us take an example of the cell phone, a gross total of the population cannot live without this device, but compared to students this device is far more than just a cell phone. To them it is an opportunity to chat with companions or loved ones, taking pictures with them to cherish the memory. The cell phone provides an adverse effect on the group of the students. The students can become quite obsessive with the device and neglect everything else, like their social life, their families and friends.

Most of the students also own a computer, which is not a bad thing. It will be considered a bad thing when they carry out tasks which involves spending all of their time in front of the computer and pretending that everything else does not exist. In comparison with the adverse effects, the gadgets enable us to do things faster and in an easier way.

The gadgets are also available for when we want to learn new things. Let us not forget the computers and the gaming consoles which have a great role to play in the young generation these days. The gaming consoles can have positive characteristics for the younger populations. Most of the time due to the attachment of this particular segment this device can change the behavior of the user. Study has shown that those who play games on their computers and gaming console have the ability to generate an intense concentration (Mad tomatoes, 2012). This action has caused their concentration power to enhance to great extent. Some gaming consoles of today even challenges the gamers to utilize their brain to great length.

The advancement of new technology has made a significant impact on the global population over the years. The impact the tech brought on the people was their lifestyle. The whole world is in fact obsesses with using the gadgets for the purpose of seeking information fast and entertainment. They are so caught up with wanting to buy the latest release of certain gadgets only to satisfy their needs and desires when it comes to entertainment. The consequence of this action has caused students to be continuously involve devices in their daily lives and their studies. A study shows that students tend to use up more time in using gadgets than on studying (University of Chicago, 2016).

This behavior has a great adverse effect on the students especially on their studying habits and academic performance. The gadgets have become a need for the people which is very fundamental for their “lifestyle”.


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