In as well as overcrowding parking lots

In the millennial year of 2000 it became very apparent in the United States that cars were beginning to overpopulate the roads, as well as overcrowding parking lots and garages. Not only was there an increase of cars out on the road, but also an increase of carbon emission and green house gasses polluting the air. It was during this same year in Boston Massachusetts that Antje Danielson and Robin Chase founded Zipcar, a car sharing company that was based off successful European companies (“History”, 2018). Being one of the firsts companies of its kind to hit the United States positioned around going green, value, and customer convenience, it abrupted the typical car rental market. Those three core values paired along with strategic marketing decisions are what has led Zipcar to reach success beyond imagination.

Now with over 800,000 customers, 10,000 fleet cars across 170 cities as well as in Canada and Europe, Zipcar has become the world’s largest and leading car sharing company in today’s society (Jones, 2018).Zipcar has reinvented the way people distinguish the car rental market all together by creating convenience and value for their customers. Driving with Zipcar is broken up into four fairly simple steps; The first step is applying online or through the mobile app, a $70 annual rate will apply. Once approved to drive, the customer will then be sent a unique Zipcar key card that will allow them to unlock the vehicles when held up to the window.

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After receiving the key card, the customer can then log onto the website or app and reserve any of the cars located in their area from a minimum of one hour all the way up to seven days. Finally, once the trip is completed the customer must return the Zipcar back to the location where it was originally picked up and the user will then be billed for the time it was in use on a per-hour basis.


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